August 30, 2012

I Attribute this necklace to Alessandra...

Hi dear Friends,
A very hot day here again.. But I am working so much..:)) In these days I don't know why, but I am crocheting so much, like a crochet machine..:))
Maybe I try to postpone thinking my family and my lovely pets... Maybe this is a very good therapy or some kind of medicine... But I am really well..
You remember I was planning to make Alessandra's granny necklace when I finished my other crochet projects..And..
It is coming....:)))

But I don't wear it today. I apply a technique which I saw Mereknits blog that techniquae makes the object hard and solid.. Here is the technique... We will see the results..
And I want to Thank to Alessandra so so much... You have to visit her blog..I think... You may find very beautiful and creative crochets there...
Thank you Alessandra.. I attribute this necklace to you..:))
All best wishes.....

August 29, 2012

Granny Stripe Boutique Bag...

All best wishes for all my dear friends...
I have finished the granny stripe boutique bag yet. I crocheted this bag for my brother's girlfriend.. I don't know when they will come to this city. But I must be in hurry to finish some gifts for her.. Ohh and the big problem... Cleaning...:(( I think I can manage cleaning at this weekend.. (I hope so...))
And this is the bag... Taa-Daahh...:))

Ooohh Look at my terrible view.. Excuse me It is so hard to take the photos of myself.. And I wore the crochet shawl which my mother made for me..
But shawl is mine...:)) Not a gift..:))
I wish all of my sweetheart friends happy happy days...:))

August 28, 2012

BECK to Work..:))

A very warm Hi to all my friends, Yes very warm because Here in Antakya city is 90 degree Fahrenheit. It is just about 32 Degree Celcius.. Yes I like summer and hot weather, but not hot like this...:))
I returned to Antakya city and I began to work.. Well everything is O.K. But my house needs a very big cleaning...:)) Maybe at the weekend I may clean all the house.
I have taken some photos just 1 or 2 hours ago..
As I had a very very long summer holiday, A mother bird came to my window and she made bird's nest..:)) You think how long summer holiday I had... And why am I sad as I began to work again..:)) There is a very good answer about my situation.. LAZY.. Yes I am LAZY..:))

Here is the bird's nest near my office window.. Ohh This is incredible...:))

Me and my laptop and messy table...

Yes here is my new earrings on the stand.. The stand is my microscope..:))

And my blue feather earrings.. My daughter gave them to me...

And I took some photos yesterday at home.. I must say something maybe you will surprised... Yes I have bagun to make a new granny stripe boutique bag..:))
I am not lazy about crochet...:))
Actually I have to begin this bag making.. My brother and his girlfriend ( fiance, God willing..:))) will come to Antakya city to visit some historical places and of course me.. I will meet his girlfriend very new.. So I want to give her some gifts If she likes..
I began to crochet a boutique bag for her..
If I find any more time, I want to make a granny necklace that I saw the necklace on my dear friend Alessandra's blog  The necklace was amazing there  And I want to make it for the girlfriend...:))
No no Maybe for myself first.. Why not...:)))

You will remember this yarn from my crochet shawl that my mother had made it for me.. I have some more yarn. It is shiny yarn and I think the girlfriend may use her boutique bag for some invitations or dinner parties..

Here is the crochet shawl you may remember.. This is not a very good photo. But maybe I may take another good photos when I wore the shawl later..

And here is my book, I am still reading it..:))  Reading? (I don't think so..)

Yes dear my friends, I am well here.. Of course I will miss my family.. But You are always near me with all your good words I see... Thank you very much for your great friendship..
And GOD bless you all the time...

August 25, 2012

Crochet pillow for cat... crochet handbag, crochet can cover... and a little doily...

Hi all my dear friends, Hi from a sunny Saturday.. Yes this is a very sunny Saturday, but Black days are coming..:(((
I have to return back to my city where I work tomorrow..:(( My bus is at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. Happy days are finished and all trouble is beginning again..
No no The city where I work is not so bad of course. But I always depressed when I return back, and I miss my mother, my daughter and all my lovely pets so so much. My house is not so good as It is a rent house from University, The house is too old and all the furnitures are old too. But you know I try to be fine by making some handmades and crochet..:)) And you all my dear friends always tell me so good words that I forget all my trouble..:)) Thank you very much for all your friendship. You are really good people God knows.. I always say
God Bless all of You..
Well I am in a hurry for finishing my all crochet projects before returning back... Because I will be on the road all day as the city is so far to here.. And Excuse me If I answer your comments late because I don't know the situation of my internet connection of Antakya ( My work city). I hope my internet is well at home there and I can connect with you. But of course I have internet connection at the university. I will go to work on Monday and I can look my blog on Monday easily..
Here are all finished projects...

First I made a circle crochet and I put a yellow flower on the center of my crochet. Then I sewed a circle pillow from black fabric. I sewed the crochet on to the pillow. That' s all. My cat Mestan loves his crochet pillow so so much..:))

This is a crochet handbag but my mother made the bag and she gave the bag to me.. This is a zipper handbag and I like it so much...

This is a recycled can, I covered the can with crochet and I put a flower on to the crochet can..

Ohh my mother and my father but This is a very old photo maybe 15 years ago.. :))

And this is my first doily, Do you believe? My grandmother teached crochet to me.. I made this doily maybe I am 14 years old. But of course my dear grandma helped me so so so much..:))
My mother have found the doily last night and I want to show you..:))

And this is a crochet corner of my mother's home.. You remember all crochet cases and boxes and also crochet snowman..:)) My mother put all of them to the corner of the entrance of the home.. And she put candles and flowers into all cases. They seem so lovely and all neigbours of my mother like the corner and maybe the neighbours want me to make one for themselves..:))
Yes that's all my dear friends.I want to show all the crochet projects to you..
I can't write tomorrow I think, as I will be on the road to Antakya city..
GOD Bless all of you
GOD Save all of you

August 24, 2012

Granny Stripe Boutique Bags...

And As I told yesterday, I want to show 2 Granny stipe boutique bags.. One for my mother and one for me..:))

Yes This bag is for my mother. She wanted dark grey color for her bag. And I made a crochet rose with green bead on its center. I joined the rose on to the bag..

And This is my bag. Pearl color bag with a pearl color crochet rose. I put a pearl on the center of the rose..

I sewed fabric into the bags. I think these bags are so fashionable and I may use my bag when I go any evening invitations or business dinners..
Happy and healthy days...


Crochet Stripe Bag..

Hi my dear friends,
I am working harder in these days..:) I have to return back to work 2 days later so I try to finish all crochet projects immediately..
Here is a Crochet Stripe Bag for all my medicines and pills for my heart failure and my hyper blood pressure (Hypertansion)..

Well I wore light blue nail polish. I like my nail polish as ıt is just like my medicine bag.. And I also sewed a zipper on to my bag.. Now All my medicines and pills are in safe...
I want to show you, 2 Granny Stripe Boutique Bags tomorrow. I made for my mother and for myself.. And I must thank to SnuggleBunnie for the great idea of Granny Stripe Boutique Bags...

August 22, 2012

Crochet Mandala- Evil Eye..

Hi my dear friends,
Ohh yes I am crocheting every day with happiness..:)) I like crochet so so much I know..:))
I have made Crochet Mandala- Evil eye for me, my brother and my mother...
One mandala for my brother's car,
One for my car..
And one for my mother's kitchen...

Happy Crochet Days....:))


August 21, 2012

Taa-Daah Granny Square Shawl...:))

Hi all my dear friends,
Finally I have finished granny square shawl of my mother..:))

And I saw a very beautiful

Granny Stripe Boutique Bag on dear friend SnuggleBunnie blog  

I have made the bag but It is not finished yet. I will make a crochet flower and also I will sew fabric into the bag..,

And some photos of our family together. Yesterday all of us went outside to have fresh air and fun together..
My family together...

I wish all of you very sunny and happy days...:))