August 28, 2012

BECK to Work..:))

A very warm Hi to all my friends, Yes very warm because Here in Antakya city is 90 degree Fahrenheit. It is just about 32 Degree Celcius.. Yes I like summer and hot weather, but not hot like this...:))
I returned to Antakya city and I began to work.. Well everything is O.K. But my house needs a very big cleaning...:)) Maybe at the weekend I may clean all the house.
I have taken some photos just 1 or 2 hours ago..
As I had a very very long summer holiday, A mother bird came to my window and she made bird's nest..:)) You think how long summer holiday I had... And why am I sad as I began to work again..:)) There is a very good answer about my situation.. LAZY.. Yes I am LAZY..:))

Here is the bird's nest near my office window.. Ohh This is incredible...:))

Me and my laptop and messy table...

Yes here is my new earrings on the stand.. The stand is my microscope..:))

And my blue feather earrings.. My daughter gave them to me...

And I took some photos yesterday at home.. I must say something maybe you will surprised... Yes I have bagun to make a new granny stripe boutique bag..:))
I am not lazy about crochet...:))
Actually I have to begin this bag making.. My brother and his girlfriend ( fiance, God willing..:))) will come to Antakya city to visit some historical places and of course me.. I will meet his girlfriend very new.. So I want to give her some gifts If she likes..
I began to crochet a boutique bag for her..
If I find any more time, I want to make a granny necklace that I saw the necklace on my dear friend Alessandra's blog  The necklace was amazing there  And I want to make it for the girlfriend...:))
No no Maybe for myself first.. Why not...:)))

You will remember this yarn from my crochet shawl that my mother had made it for me.. I have some more yarn. It is shiny yarn and I think the girlfriend may use her boutique bag for some invitations or dinner parties..

Here is the crochet shawl you may remember.. This is not a very good photo. But maybe I may take another good photos when I wore the shawl later..

And here is my book, I am still reading it..:))  Reading? (I don't think so..)

Yes dear my friends, I am well here.. Of course I will miss my family.. But You are always near me with all your good words I see... Thank you very much for your great friendship..
And GOD bless you all the time...


  1. What a surprise!!!! I was quietly reading your post when...puff!!! appeared the link to my blog because of my granny necklace!!!! thank you for this kindness Beck!!!! I'm so happy that you like the necklace (and me!!!) so much!!!
    big hug, xx Alessandra

    1. Hi dear Alessandra, Thank you very much.. I told you that I like it so much. And I am so jealous..:)) I like all your crochets so much.. Really you make very beautiful and creative things...
      Yes I like the necklace so much really. But first I will make for myself..:))
      Then my brother's girlfriend...:))
      All best wishes...

  2. Hello Beck!

    I love the feather earrings.
    You're so sweet to create such beautiful things for your brother's girlfriend!
    I hope you will have fun despite all the work!
    Thank you for all the kind words on my blog, I greatly appreciate them!

    Have a happy week! :)

  3. Sad that you have to be away from you family working but I'm happy you will get to see your brother :) its very nice of you to make his girlfriend gifts :) hope you have a good week xx

  4. Hello lovely! I am sitting here a little jealous of your 32 degree heat. Down here that would be considered a perfect day! We start complaining when it gets to over 40 degrees as we begin to melt. LOL 32 is perfect beach weather. :-) It is starting to warm up a little bit but still cold in the mornings and evenings. I am looking forward to Spring. I read a lot of John Saul books when I was younger. Hope it does not give you scary dreams.
    I love the blue yarn, it looks really sparkly on my screen. Have a beautiful day! Hugs xoxox

  5. I had to laugh when I read where you called yourself lazy! Nothing could be further from the truth! I've seen all of the wonderful projects you do!! (And if it doesn't work out with your brother and his girlfriend, you can send him to me :-) )

  6. Hi Beck, Lovely earrings, lucky you. You are looking very pretty. It is so thoughtful of you to make gifts for your brother's girlfriend. I often make small items for my sister-in-law.