April 30, 2012

SURPRISE..:)) Eyelash Yarn Again..:)) Crochet Basket Covers...

Hi Dear my friends,, I am a bit happy today. I made 2 crochet basket covers and 1 marmalade jar cover yesterday. All weekend I was like a strong warrior and there was a big war beside me and myself.. How? I ll explain.. I am trying to stop smoking cigarettes.. Yes I know..  I am guilty I confess that I am a terrible cigatettes smoker.. But I decided to stop smoking and I went to doctor. He gave me some medicine That will help me to stop smoking. I keep to take that medicine and I wish I ll stop smoking in one or two weeks... So so hard... Like a war.... My hands are going through to cigarettes,, But a voice inside of myself, is shouting '' No No Stop..'' Look at this war.. Who will win..??
So I must find some works for forgetting smoking. I made 3 crochet basket covers then.. Ohh yes, I am very fast,, When I want to smoke, I made another crochet basket cover... Really very hard days for me..
Tomorrow, It is holiday because It is, May 1st, International Workers' Day. So we all have a holiday for only one day. What will I do??
I know, I know,.. New crochet Basket Covers... For stop smoking..:))

This is a plastic case for Yoghurt. I like Yoghurt so much..

I covered the plastic case with stripe crochet. And I used again eyelash yarn for the edges.. The other case on the left is my new yoghurt case. It is so old maybe vintage. But I like it and decided to use for yoghurt..

I used orange color eyelash yarn for this basket...

And the other Yoghurt case.. I used gold color eyelash yarn for this..

Now my cases are on my desk. I use one of them for my rings. And the other one for my pencils...

And finally my marmalade jar. I made a crochet cover for this. And I put my hooks in it..

I used burgundy color eyelash yarn..

I have so much eyelash yarn. I bought many colors of it. So I like to use the eyelash yarn.. I think It seems very decorative..
Tomorrow is a new day for stopping smoking.. I wish and I pray God...
Sunny Spring Days for all my dear blogging friends...

April 27, 2012

Giveaway from Emma/The Log Cabin..

Hi dear friends,
Here is Emma/The Log Cabin giveaway..
Dear Emma is making wonderful things with quilting and also with crochet.. I really want to post her giveaway to you..
Good Luck to All my friends...


April 25, 2012

2 Crochet Basket Covers..

Hi dear friends,
I made 2 crochet basket covers for plastic baskets.. I think they are decorative and colorful with eyelash yarn....
Here they are....

I wish happy sunny days to all my blogging friends...:))


April 21, 2012

My Mother's flowers..

Hi dear friends,
You know I am with my family again. I came here last night. Now we are all together. My mother, my daughter, my brother and I... I ll stay here for 3 days. These days are happy for me..
Today in the morning I took some photos of my mother's flowers. She likes flowers so much and she made a small garden in her flat's balcony. Sometimes she talks with her flowers and sometimes she kisses them..


African violet flowers

African violets




African violets





The reflection of my mother and I.. 

Last night My daughter had made Lemon tart for us. It was a great surprise for us...I took the photo of tart of course. The tart was with rarpberries and kiwies.. And the custard cream of the tart was with lemon. Here It is..

And finally we have drunk our Turkish coffee with baklawa. Baklawa is a kind of Turkish Dessert very delicious with pistachio..

Turkish coffee with baklawa..

I must thank to all my blogging friends. You are all welcome...


April 19, 2012

Half Circle Crochet Pillow with Eyelash Yarn..

Hi Dear my Friends,
Finally I finished my half circle crochet pillow last night. I used eyelash yarn for the edges again.  Dear Debi, made a wonderful crochet pillow by using eyelash yarn. Then I saw this from her blog and I tried to use eyelash yarn. I like this eyelash yarn work so much.
Here is my half circle crochet pillow. I crocheted 3 solid granny triangles. I joined triangles with eyelash yarn. And I sewed my crochet on to the half circle pillow. I made 3 crochet flowers and sewed them on to the centers of the triangles.. That's all..

I had made ragg crochet pillow before. You remember. But my crochet is a bit smaller for my pillow. So I sewed another pillow but fit to my crochet square. And here It is..

My crochet pillow with my crochet basket...

This is my daughter's bedroom in Antakya city. Well my family doesn't come here yet.  But I prepared my daughter's room. I want that she will be happy when she saw her bedroom..

All happy days to All my friends....


April 17, 2012

DIY.. New Photo Frames And my Loves..

Hi All dear Friends,
This time, I made two photo frames from 2 old placemats again... But now, I made a photo collages for my two loves, Otis and Cat Mestan. I have not made a photo collage of my Foxy Fox yet but I ll make one for my Foxy in a very short time I think. I printed photo collages and attached on placemats. These are very good decors for my lonely home. Because my loves are living near my family you know...
Here they are.. Both of them wore a crown. Otis and Cat Mestan are my kings...:))

And I want to show you another photo and and photo frame that one of my Portuguese students gave me as a gift. This is his dog's picture. And he knew that I like animals so so so much. So he gave this present to me.. Thank you dear Leno...

Well I must say that, I gave my little baby Talia to one of my students as a gift. This photo is my last photo with baby Talia. It was taken at my Veterinary Faculty garden just about 1 hour ago.
My student, His name is Isa, will give my Talia to his sister who is 10 years old. So I gave my puppy to my student Isa as a gift.. His family will be the the new family of Talia...
Bye Bye Talia... My beautiful girl...

This is my Veterinary Faculty Garden. I and Talia together....

And Here are some funny pictures of Otis and Foxy. My daughter sent this photos last night as I missed them so much...

Sleepy Otis with his Bandana-scarf...

And Jealous Foxy Fox ( Talia's mother ) with the same bandana-scarf.... And my mother's hands...:))

Today is a very sunny day.. I wish happy sunny days to all my dear friends....

April 16, 2012

Crochet Basket..

Happy Monday to all my friends. I was very busy all Saturday and Sunday.. Home cleaning, washing, cooking, again cleaning.. :)) But Of course I found free time to make crochet..
I had some yarn which I had made a crochet bag before. So I made a crochet basket. This is the same pattern with crochet bag and crochet hat. But finally I used green eyelash yarn on edges.. Thank you Debi..:)) Dear Debi teached me to use eyelash yarn..

Now this is my parfumes basket... I think It seems nice...