March 31, 2012

Liebster Award..

Dear Debi, Thank you very much. Debi is one of my first blog friends. That I found Debi's blog first when I decided to make crochet at the rest of my time. I knew nothing about crochet. But I was 43 and I had some problems in my life and I had some illnesses. That was the first day of my life to forget back and to look forward as well. I need some therapy and The doctors gave me so many kind of medicines. Well I am a bit good. But I know It is not only by the helping of medicine. Crochet and the other handmades are changed my life. I must say that Debi' s blog is the first blog I began to watch closer. I learned to make crochet. ı learned sewing or something handmade my the helping of blogs.  I was reborn..
First of all I must thank to Debi, She is one of my medicines. Now she gave me an award. That is great for me.
Now I must write 5 things about me......
1. I like all animals but expecially dogs and cats so so much. And I am trying to help and treat the homeless sick cats and dogs..
2. I am very far from my daughter and my mother because of my job. But I ll be retired on this october or november. And I ll return near to my family again finally.
3. I haven't got any boy friend or husband. Silence of happiness....
4. I am interested in the history of the world. I am trying to learn the history and cultures of all countries of the world.
5. I have a brother 2 years younger then me. We are a very small family with my mother, my daughter, my brother and I. Also My mother has no brother or sister.. She is a bit lonely in her life...

Now to pass this award on to my 5 other blog friends:
and 5 more..

I must say that I like and thank to all my blog friends which were shown on my blog list and I really want to choose all of them. But rules...
And one more thing.. How will I send my awards to my friends.. So sorry for my poor english again..


March 30, 2012

Crochet Bird Hanging Decor...

Dear my friends,
Today is friday and the most happiest day for me. Weekend is coming. Hooray... I made a to do list for this weekend. But firstly I want to show my crochet bird hanging decor which I made it last night. I found a very nice blog a few time ago. And I saw a wonderful crochet birds and roasters in that blog. The blog name is  I tried to make that roasters. But mine is a bit different. I know mine is not a bird. It is a fatty chichen.:)).. I added some little hangings on my chichen. The hangings were from one of my old necklaces. I added peace sign, little angel, a vintage key and some other hangings on my chicken. Well It is not so bad. But you must visit immediately to see wonderful crochet objects.
Here is mine...

And now my ' To Do List' for this weekend. I must say that I found a very nice crochet napkin box cover in one of my blog friends' blog. Her name is Jee Q Learning to write.. and this is her blog. I saw a very beautiful crochet napkin box cover and you can learn how to make from this blog. I am planning to make crochet napkin box cover If I can..
My weekend To Do List....

Happy weekend to all my friends....

March 28, 2012

My new skirt..

Hi Dear My friends,
I sewed another skirt for myself again. I had some fabric looks like snake skin leather and It was a stretch fabric. So It was so easy to make skirt. I sewed elastic ribbon to the waist belt and I wore my new skirt to my faculty. So easy to make...

And now time to work again...

All best wishes...

March 26, 2012

Crochet Door handle Organiser..

Dear My friends,
First of all I am so sorry that I couldn't write my new handmades. Because I was trying to change my blog view. I was trying to make my blog 3 columns. but You see that I am terribly unsuccessful that I could not make my blog 3 columns. Only I changed the blog view and header. So that I am really very sorry that my answers to your blogs were a bit late.
But now, I want to show you my new door handle organiser which I made it this weekend. I hope you like it. It is very useful that I never loose my reading glasses or my keys anymore.
I found this crochet door handle organiser from one of my friends' blog. She is moonlightcat. If you look her blog you can see some other nice organisers.
Then I made mine. This organiser was a bir different from her organisers. You can make your own organiser maybe with some differences..
Here is my organiser for my bedroom door handle...

Happy Spring to all my friends...

March 21, 2012

Family Time again...

Dear my friends,
You know I went near my family last weekend for only 2 days to see my mother, my daughter and also my brother. It was a very good weekend for all of our family.
You see my family is so small. My mother has no brother or sister. My father was died on 1999. Since that time we were living all together. But I had to come this city for my job. So my mother and my daughter had stayed to our city as my mother is so old. And she didn't like this city where I work. So my daughter is near her to help my mother. My mother has no relative as her grandma and grandpa were came to Turkey from Greece very long time ago.
But this weekend I and also my brother came to Konya city. We were all together with happiness. Here are some pictures of us.

My mther and My brother, And Otis and Foxy..

I am with my mother's flowers..

Happiness is coming with our all pets.. My mother is looking a cooking book and Otis, Foxy and cat Mestan is sleeping near her... Oh I forget our bird Shahbaz.. Do you know that our bird is barking..:)) He learned barking from our dogs..

I and my brother and Foxy...

And my sweet daughter....

And My father... His name is Omar and he was died in 1999. But he is always with us we believe..

And here my new yarn. I don't know what I ll make with my yarn anyway. But I like colors so much and I bought..

My new magazines about home decoration..

I like this so much. Maybe I shall try to make it..

I like these cushions so much.. Just like a dream...

Dear my friends, Today is a very sunny day and I have not got so much work at the faculty.. I wish all of you very sunny days with your family forever...

March 16, 2012

Spring came to our University..

Finally, Spring came to our city and also our university campus..
Here are some photos from our university campus..

Our Veterinary Faculty garden with Palm trees

Veterinary Faculty road..


Little yellow flowers are saying hello to spring...

Veterinary Faculty garden with palm trees again...

blooming with a bee..
Dear my friends,
Today I am also happy that I ll go to near my family for this weekend. Only for 2 days.. But It is enough because I must return back as I have so much work to do. But good news...:))
My brother will come near my family too. He is working in Turkey's capital city Ankara. But he ll come to Konya city to see all of us together for 2 days too..
Happy spring days....

March 14, 2012

Pet Clothes..

Dear friends,
Last night My daughter sent me some photos of our dogs and cat with new clothes.. She went to our veterinerian to cut the dogs' hair. But I saw their hair is so short now. so they must wear clothes not to catch cold. Now they are with their nice sweaters and they are warm now..

Ohh noo.. Poor Otis...

Foxy Fox. The mother of puppies and also Talia..

And cat Mestan. He has hair but he is so jealous that my mother made a crochet sweater for him too..

And little Talia. Foxy's daughter. She is near me. And I made a big bed for her.  I made a multi colored crochet circle and I sewed it on the bed. She likes it so much.. Happy Talia... 

I think she is happy wtih me... Because I am happy with her...:))
Best wishes....

March 12, 2012

St Peter's Church in Antakya..

Dear my friends, As I said you before, I made a visit to St Peter's church this saturday morning.  Now I have some knowledges about the church. I took it from Wikipedia. Because my English is not enough to tell the church very correctly.

The Church of Saint Peter (Aramaic: Knisset Mar Semaan Kefa, St. Peter's Cave Church, Cave-Church of St. Peter) near Antakya (Antioch), Turkey, is composed of a cave carved into the mountainside on Mount Starius with a depth of 13 m, a width of 9.5 m and a height of 7 m. This cave, which was used by early Christians in the Antakya region, is one of Christianity's oldest churches.
The founding of the church in Antioch can be traced to the Bible's Acts of the Apostles (11:25-27) where it is related that Barnabas travelled to Tarsus to bring Paul the Apostle there. They worked for one year with the nascent Christian community, and there the converts were called Christians for the first time in history. Christian tradition considers Peter, the first Apostle, as the founder of the church of Antioch, and the first priest of the Christian population that was established there; the Church of St. Peter is regarded by tradition as on the spot where he first preached the Gospel in Antioch.
The oldest surviving parts of the church building date from at least the 4th or 5th century. These include some pieces of floor mosaics, and traces of frescoes on the right side of the altar. It is thought that the tunnel inside which opens to the mountain side served the Christians to evacuate the church in case of sudden raids and attacks. Water that seeps from the nearby rocks was gathered inside for drinking purposes, and was also used for baptisms. The collection of water, which visitors drank and collected to give to those who were ill (with the belief that it was healing and curative), has lessened as a result of recent earthquakes.[1]
Crusaders who captured Antakya in 1098 lengthened the church by a few metres and connected it with two arches to the facade, which they constructed. This facade was rebuilt in 1863 by the Capuchin Friars who restored the church on the orders of Pope Pius IX. French Emperor Napoleon III also contributed to the restoration. The remains on the left hand side of the church entrance belong to colonnades that formerly stood in front of the church facade.
On top of the stone altar located in the middle of the church is a stonework platform that was placed there in memory of the Saint Peter's Platform Holiday which was celebrated every 21 February in Antakya. The marble statue of Saint Peter on top of the altar was placed there in 1932.
The garden of the church has been used as a cemetery for hundreds of years. Graves and burials have also been located inside the church, especially around the altar.
Although it is a museum today, it is possible to perform ceremonies inside the church under the inspection of the Museum Management by obtaining a permit from the Office of the Provincial Governor.
 The entrance of the cave church. You see It is on the mountain and The christians had made the church on the top of the mountain..
                                                   The altar and the St Peter's sculpture.
                                            The altar. There are some images on the altar.

            This is the tunnel in the church. The tunnel goes the some other caves on the mountain..
                                                              Apostle St. Peter's sculpture
 This is the holly water for baptisms. I drunk this water to purify my sins.. The tourist guide said that..
                                           these are some mosaics on the ground of the church.
                                                               The Altar again..

 There are so many caves on the mountain. The tourist guide said that the caves were going to the top of the mountain..

                                                The olive tree with Antakya(antioch) scenery..
                                                             The olive tree..
                                            Antakya (Antioch) scenery from the mountain..
  Another entrance of the church. And the first one is my car. I haven't got any photo of myself as I went there alone as always, I took my car's photo...
                                 Another entrance of the church. This is the old entrance..
And another altar. It was outside of the church. I don't know why.. Maybe some restoration will be made..
Dear my friends,
In these times I have a very big sorrow for my insufficient English. I really want to tell the history of places very correctly but my English isn't enough to tell all of them very well.
I hope this photos may be helpful to show you one of the historical places of Antakya city. If you want to come here I ll be very happy to see you. And of course All of you may be my guests for all of your travel.  You are all welcome.. All best wishes...