January 30, 2012

Peace for all

Dear My friends,
Finally I returned back to the city, Antakya where I work. Something is good, something is bad as always.
I made a crochet peace sign for all humanity in the world. I wish It gave good messages to everyone who tries to live with so many problems but tries to smile with little happinesses..

January 26, 2012

This is my life...

Foxy's babies are growing very well. We have 3 boys and 3 girls. Now they are 22 days old. They are trying to walk. But they can't. Their mother is giving milk to all babies. But she is boring I think and she is going far from babies in the same room. Then babies are beginning to cry together. Life is beginning for them. Happy life for them...

6 babies with me.. Happy life..

3 naughty boys...

My favorite baby. This is the last born boy. The smallest one. I think the poorest one because  he can't take the milk  very good. Other babies are bigger than this boy so they can go to milk very fast... 

The white one is Foxy. The mother of babies. And the other one is Otis. I am playing  with Foxy and Otis  so much..

6 babies with me and my mother.. What a happy life...

3 fleece blankets for my puppies...

My Dear Friends,
you know, my girl foxy had 6 babies 22 days ago. They are growing very well. I made blankets for them. I made only 3 blankets but I ll made 3 blankets more for puppies. I bought fleece fabric for blankets. The fabric is very cheap. Only 2 US dollars per one meter. I cut the fabric to 6 parts and made blanket stictch to the edges. I found how to make the blanket stitch from the web sites, youtube or somewhere..
I made blanket stitch with different colors, white, pink and violet. I ll make 3 more blankets for babies. Here they are...

And finally a cup of coffee with my mother..  But this time decaffeinated coffee for my heart insufficiency. I found decaffeinated coffee. Thank you dear Kristen...

My kitty Mestan is looking to the coffee but he does not want to drink. He wants to play with the spoon..

January 25, 2012

Crochet rug

And here is a crochet rug. I made a little crochet flower for the center of the rug.  It is easy to make and very decorative wherever you use...

January 19, 2012

Crochet scarf and crochet gloves

My dear friends, I made a crochet scarf and crochet gloves for my daughter. We will go to cinema tomorrow  so I made them very quickly as my daughter wants to wear them tomorrow. This is a very thick yarn so It was easy to finish them very quick. I saw this scarf and gloves from one of my friend's blog. Dear moonlightcat made so nice crochet scarfs and gloves. Mine are not so beautiful as moonlightcat's. But not so bad and my daughter likes scarf and gloves so much..

January 18, 2012

My new crochet scarf..

And this is my new crochet scarf. Very simple. And very good for snowy weather...

Me, our garden and my new scarf....

Finally It Snowed..

 My holiday is going on.
So I am still with my mother and my daughter.. I ll return to Antakya where I work, next week. I must return to my job of course. But That city Antakya there is no snow in winters. Only It rains but no snow. Antakya is a hot city near mediterrenean sea. The people who live in Antakya never see snow any time. But now I am near my mother in another city Konya bigger than Antakya city. And this city is colder than Antakya. Yesterday It snowed so I was very happy to see snowing this year.. I took some photos and I want to share this photos with you.

This scenery is from my mother's home,  6th floor on the building. This is our street  near our building..

Look at the snow flakes.. Wonderful night...

This is me and  my new crochet scarf..

January 12, 2012

A cup of coffee now..

After all my crochet works, I drink a cup of coffee. Actually I drink 5 or 6 cups of coffee in a day. I don't know It is harmful for my heart or not. As I am suffering from hypertansion and cardiac insufficiency, some doctors are saying harmful but some others are saying not so harmful for my heart. But what can I do. I like coffee so so much..
Then I made a cup of coffee for myself. But I really want to show you the coffee cups. These are so ancient traditional fine porcelain cups. They were inherited by my grandmother. These are traditional for drinking some coffee species. These cups are so small but they are used for drinking coffee in Turkey. I like these old cups very much. They remembered me that old but happy times with my grandmother and my grandfather and also my father...

one for me, one for my mother..

How small they are..

January 11, 2012

Crochet Monkey jumped on the pillow...

    Yes this monkey is so happy and always smiling. But also he is very naughty he jumped on the pillow and he liked his place I think. he ll always be there from now.. My little dog Otis was surprised...

Crochet handsome monkey, Step by step now..

Dear my friends, This time I made a crochet monkey. But I took all photos step by step. One of my blogfriends Cindy asked the pattern of my first monkey on memoboard. I tried to describe but this time I made a new crochet monkey for all my friends and also Cindy. Because my english is not perfect to describe the pattern. So I took all photos step by step. Maybe this can be useful and helpful for you and also Cindy, as she wants to make a crochet monkey for her grand children. I made this for her and also all my blog friends. All best wishes and Thank you for all your friendship..
Brown and beige yarn and 4mm crochet needle

For monkey head, I made a crochet circle with brown yarn

For monkey mouth, I made a crochet elips with beige yarn

I found the suitable place for mouth on the head and I sew mouth on the head.

I found the ears position and I made ears. Beige parts are beginnig 6 stiches. But I finished these beige parts less than 6 stiches. You can decide maybe 4 or 3 stiches by lookking the shapes of ears

Then I made the brown part of ears around the beige parts. You must increase the stiches around the beige parts by looking the ears position and shapes

Then I made two crochet small circles for eyes. And sew them on the head. I made mouth with 12 or 13 stiches. And nostils are made with a pin and brown yarn.

You can add hairs by cutting beige yarn and sewing on the head

I hope this may be helpful for Cindy and all my friends who want to make this handsome monkey..
Handsome?? no no it is funy.....:))