July 6, 2012

DIY. New bookmarks with crochet flowers and crochet hobo bag....

Hi my dear friends, This is a very sunny and hot Friday today. I came here very early from work and I want to show you my new bookmarks with crochet flowers...: This bookmarks were made ice cream sticks..:))
Here They are...

And my crochet hobo bag... But It is not finished yet. Maybe I will finish my crochet bag this night or this weekend..

I like this yarn so much. The yarn contains different bright colors and crocheting is very enjoyable with this yarn.. I had made a bag for my mother You remember, Now this is for me...:))
Maybe this weekend I may finish my hobo bag for these hot and sunny summer days..
Ohhh I miss summer holiday... I am still working...:=(( I want to go to holiday....
Please my University Dean please....:))



  1. I love the bookmarks those so pretty. May i ask where did you find the flower pattern? I love the yarn you picked for your hobo bag. I can't wait to see the finished project. I can see already its going to be nice. cute kitty

    1. Hi my dear friend, Thank You so so much for your comment.. I am very happy when I see your comments.. :)) Flower pattern is all from my mind. But If you want the pattern, I am free all weekend and That is my duty to take all photos of the flowers and describe what I do.. Well I may do this very happyly..
      Tomorrow I will show step by step flowers. It is my pleasure..:))
      Have a very beautiful weekend..
      Thank you very much...

    2. oh Beck that is so sweet of you. I really appreciate it. Sunday I am going camping and staying there for a week(wish me luck) so this will keep me busy:) since i never did the outdoor thing before lol.

    3. Ohh dear my friend, I want to go holiday too....:)) I wish you very good camping to you and I keep following your new posts of course..:))
      I want a holiday too:=))
      All best wishes dear my friend..:))

  2. Hi Beck, I love your crochet bookmarks...they are SO pretty xxx I am so jealous that it is hot in Turkey, it is very cold and pouring down with rain here in England...boo. Have a lovely weekend...x

    1. Hi dear Emma, I am very happy to see your comments on my blog.. Well I ts so so hot right now.. If you plan to come to Turkiye, I am very happy to see you in Turkiye. I will be very happy If I may introduce best places of my country..=))
      You are my guests whenever you want.. It is my pleasure..:))
      All best regards..
      All best wishes...

  3. Hello Beck...Your crochet flowers are super sweet...and I like the bow ring too!! Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a sweet comment :):) Hugs- Have a nice day.

  4. Love the flower bookmarks - they are very pretty. :)

  5. How happy and cute your bookmarks are, Becky!!!! And your little baby looks as content as can be sleeping next to you!

    Stay cool! It's hot here in California, too.


  6. Bookmarks are cute Bec..Nice for gifts...l like hobo bags..Good luck.. X X X

  7. Hi Beck!! How are you?
    Your bookmarks are so beautiful and cute!!I like the crochet flowers and all the details you have use!!!Very beautiful work!!Kisses!!

  8. Hola Guapa!! los marcadores son muy bonitos y los colores ya sabes que te voy a decir! me encanta, super bonitos!!