August 1, 2012

Crochet Bows.. Reading glasses chain...

Hi all my dear friends,
This is a very sunny and hot day of August the new month.. These are my lazy days as the weather is extraordinary hot.. I don't want to do anything, except watching tv and reaing books.. I and my daughter will go a summer holiday near the meditteranean sea on his Sunday..I wish We had nice time on our little summer holiday.. My brother will come near my mother here and they will stay together with all our pets...
I made new crochet bows and I am planning to wear my new bows maybe our summer holiday nights..
Here they are..
You know I made a crochet headband from the pink one..
And the green one is hair pin.. The others .. I don't know.. Maybe necklace or rings..

These crochet bows are very easy to make and very enjoyable.. And I think they are cute. You may use the bows like a brooch or necklace or ring or what else you want..:))

And I must thank to my Dear friend Rachel, I saw a very cute eyeglasses chain on her blog.. And I finally found the same chain and guess what....:)) I bought it.. ( Jealous me..:))

Yes Yes This is the same with Rachel's eyeglasses chain...:))

And Finally a cup of coffee..:)) Every time.. and every where..:)) Oooppss Look at Otis' tongue....:))

My horse coffee cup.. It is very very big...:))

And My dearest cat Mestan...

Happy August for all my dear friends....



  1. I love your bows and the glasses chain looks so cute ! Have a great holiday ! Xx

  2. I wish you and your daughter a great holiday. You look very pretty with the bow in your hair. :)

  3. your bows are absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    Enjoy your holidays, xxx Alessandra

  4. I love it Beck its always you lovely. your very talented.

  5. Your bows are adorable and so is your eyeglass chain. Aw, your animals are too cute. Have a great holiday!

  6. Lovely as always! Have a great holiday!

  7. Happy August to you dear beck!! I love!!!!! your bows....they are so sweet and the colors!!!!! I am so glad you will be with your daughter...I hope you have the most wonderful time! I am finishing some crochet projects I will be showing soon.!!

  8. The crochet bows are adorable! I'm thinking they'd look so cute on my puppies' collars. Hmmm....