November 28, 2012

Smiling faces..:))))

I made a crochet Red hat for christmas of course...
And I used eyelash yarn for the edges of the hat..
Look at me.. I am so happy with my new christmas hat...
I am smiling a lot..:)))


November 27, 2012

I wish I would be at HOME at this Christmas...:))

Oh I like this christmas button This is just coming from my deep heart... I want to be home with my family this christmas..:))

November 26, 2012

Hello and 2 Crochet Winter Scarves again...

Hi all my dear friends, First of all I have not got to find any free time for my blog.. You may know that I am so so busy at the work. And I am trying to get retired at the end of this month.
After all I have decided to go another university again as I don't like to sit down after retired. So I Am History University student now..:))). This is just strange because I will go my second university and I am 44 years old..:))
But all of you know that I like all history. World history so This will be too hard for me but I will try to educate..
And so strange you know I am associated proffessor at the university and now I am a student at the university together..:))
Well I will see what I could do in the future..
And here are 2 new crochet scarves:)

Well I had made both of them for christmas and also new year. I made little crochet purses you see and I attached the purses on one edge of the scarves..
I think They can be more useful for travelling..:)))
So best wishes
Big ((Huges))...

November 17, 2012

Today- My Mother's Brithday..:))

Today is my mother's birthday..
Buy I am not near my mother and also my family..
I have called her to celebrate her birthday.. My daughter and my mother has gone a restaurant to eat a very nice dinner then They will celebrate my mother's birthday at home with a birthday cake..
So I went a bakery and I bought a birthday cake for my mother..:))
But I am so far from them..
I am celebrating my mother's birthday by myself...:))

Well this is my birthday cake. You know I was lonely at my own birthday so It was just now to celebrate my birthday with a marshmallow and only one candle for my new age..:))

Happy birthday to me...:))

And I have bought A  big birthday cake for my mother.. Yes that is for my sweet mother and I am celebrating her birthday with again myself....:)
This is for her 75 years old.. New and new years and more and more new years please together.....
Happy Birthday Peri....
(Her name is Peri..:))

Here I am with the birthday candles...  I am alone as always... Just strange.. But That is my life...:))

November 15, 2012

New crochet slippers with red crochet hearts..

Hi all my dear friends,
Here are new crochet slippers...

I have found these orange Ladybug buttons and I have put them on the center of the red hearts...

November 13, 2012

Frankie Goes To Hollywood with Crochet Cat-Bag...

Hi dear all my sweet friends.
Thank you for all your sweet comments.. All your comments make my day so happy...:))

Here is a new crochet cat-bag with my dear friend Frankie...

You very well know that I had learnt this kind of bags from my dear friend, moonlightcat. I must thank to her again...:)))

All happy days....:))

November 12, 2012

Crochet Scarf and the Witch..:))

Hi all my dear friends,
I wish you very happy new week to all of you..
You know my shawl yarn was finished. Then I decided to wait some time. When I went to the city my family lives, I will look for the same yarn.. If I may find, I will continue to crochet the shawl. But If I can't find the same yarn, Well It may be ok, A small but very lovely shawl It will be...:)))
This weekend I made same crochet projects.. I want to show you a crochet scarf that I had made this for my best friend. Yes she is still my best friend.. I will try to find some photos for her but maybe later...
Yes here is crochet scarf..

I wish she would like her scarf...
And I want to introduce the Turkey witch with you...
I am The Turkey Witch....:))

Ohh yes, I am just like a turkey....:))
Happy happy new week to all my dear friends....

November 9, 2012

Ohh No.. My yarn has just finished..:((

Yes, I have only one more yarn ball to crochet the shawl of my brother's fiancee.. I don't know what I will do. Because I had bought the yarn from the city where my family lives..

The shawl under my project had been made last winter.. And I am measuring its lenght to my project. But I have only one yarn ball. Now I began to pray that The last yarn must be enough to finish my shawl project..:))

Happy me- Sad me....

Happy Happy Weekends to all my dear friends...:))

November 6, 2012

My Crochet Shawl is growing...

Hi all my dear friends,
Thank you thank you so so much for your all sweet comments.. You are real firends... And I am very happy to meet all of you..
Well You know I began to make a crochet shawl for our new member of my family, My brother's fiancee...
Here is this.. It is growing slowly but very happyly..:))

Thank you for all your friendship and all good words for me and also my family...
GOD bless all of you..
Thank you very much....

November 4, 2012

We were all happy last week...

Hi my dear friends,

You all know very good that I was near my family last week, And you all know very good that I am so so happy when I am with my family...::))
Here is a photo of my all family..
My mother, My daughter, My brother and I..:))

But In these days, My family will have a new family member.. Here is my brother's fiancee...:))
Here we were all together last week..:))

And I have immediately began to make a crochet shawl for her maybe for her nex visit to our family..:))

You may remember this crochet shawl that I had made it last winter.. Now my new shawl will be the same.. But I don't change the yarn color.. Only one color It will be made..

And here, My sponge bob he is so shy that, when I was taking his photo, he turned to pink..:)))

All best wishes...:))

November 3, 2012

2 new crochet handbags...:))

Happy Weekend all my dear friends,
I have finished 2 crochet handbags.. I want to show them to you...
Here are they..

Here is my sweet boy Otis with his very precious plastic bone...:))

And here is my sweet girl Foxy Fox. She is afraid of everything as always...:))

And I must thank to moonlightcat again...:)) Because maybe you know I had seen this kind of cat handbags from her very beautiful blog. Then I like cat handbags and purses so much and I have begun to make cat bags.....:))
Jealous me...:))
Happy happy Saturday for all my sweetheart friends...:))