June 29, 2012

The sewing project 1 is finished..:))

I finished sewing the blouse-tunic finally.. This is a blouse for my sweet daughter but she don't allow me to take her photo as all the time..:)) I wore it and take photos.. This is a quick make up with terrible hair style.. My dear friend Rachel told in her blog post today What sort of thing do you wear to pop out in ?
Here is mine...:))
This is my sewing project 1.
Sewing project 2 will be a pencil skirt for my daughter again. But this time I believe I will take photos of my daughter. Because I will say her that ' I will buy you whatever you want my sweety:))

Well, If I wear my daughter's blouse-tunic, I may wear her guitar necklace too...)) Why not..:))

Her guitar necklace..

Am I mad?.. Well Maybe a Bit. I have to return to Antakya city on Sunday, My rest will be finished... Ohhh Nooo.....

June 27, 2012

What I did Today? Wednesday..

Hi dear my friends,
As my mother and my daughter went to Ankara near my brother, I had a very quiet day today as my blogging friend Karisma said.. Yes, My mother and my daughter have a very good time with my brother in Ankara city Shopping Fest. And I am here with Otis, Foxy Fox and cat Mestan.. ( Justice for All...)
I must say that I am really very happy.. Really happy.. I like to play with our lovelies. And as my daughter went, I am staying in her room.. Actually that room was my room in my childhood and my teenage years and I have good memories in that room.. But As I work another city, My room is now my daughter's room..
Of course all furniture, all decorations are changed.. But good memories of my childhood and teenage times can't be changed..
Here are some pictures of my daughter's room ( No no that is still my room...))

But the poster of John Lennon was never changed for 25 years or more...

In these days I am reading this book, It is about celtic cultures.. I am very interested you know...

These are my daughter's toys and dolls.. Well I may play with them.. As I returned to my teenage years for a while...:))

June 26, 2012

My Sewing Project is going on well..

Hi dear friends,
You know I bought 3 different colored fabric yesterday.. Today I began to sew a blouse for myself or for my daughter (If she wants, or if she likes..:))
It will be the same with the blouse on this photo.

Mine is not finished yet.. Here are some photos of my sewing project..

This is the back side of fabric. I sewed the cutted fabric by my hand first. Then I will sew with my sewing machine if it seems ok..

But first of all, I cut a pattern of my original blouse from old newspapers. And then by the helping of the paper pattern I cut my fabric..

Well I don't know how it will be, I am not sure.. If my daughter likes, I will give it to her.. But she never likes whatever I sewed.. :((
We will wait and see..
Before finishing my post, I want to share my lovelies pictures with all my blogging friends..
Yesterday, My mother and my daughter went to Ankara the capital city of Turkiye, near my brother. They will stay there maybe 3 or 4 days. I stayed at home with our lovelies and you know I am very happy with them..
Here are some pictures of Otis, Foxy Fox and Cat Mestan...

Cat-Dog Love..:))

Cat Mestan is waiting my mother I think. He is missing my mother and my daughter...

How innocent..

And Otis is sleeping all the time...:))

Yes yes, He is just like me.. I like sleeping so so much as Otis...:))

Foxy Fox has very short hair... But she is cute I think..:))


June 25, 2012

The crochet shawl and the other projects...

Hi dear friends,
You know my different colored crochet circles. They are growing and I think My shawl will be finished soon  ( I HOPE..:))

I made crochet chains all around the circles.. Now they look like flowers.. After I finished this, I will join the flowers by crochet chains again. I think the shawl will look like a big spider web..

I saw this kind of flowers from 2 dear friends' blogs : http://coloresyganchos.blogspot.com/ and http://anna-fantasiaylaboresanna.blogspot.com/. Of course those are not the same of my circle flowers..  But I saw these crochet circles in these blogs first. Then I made my crochet circles..

And my other projects :
 I bought 3 different color fabric today. Here they are:

I will try to sew just like this blouse with the striped fabric..

I am planning to sew 2 long pencil skirts for my daughter and for me with the other 2 different fabric..
But I must Say,

 Sewing is harder for me than crocheting..:))


June 24, 2012

Give a girl the right shoes...

I am not sure these are the right shoes for me..??

I have bought the shoes (powder pink color) and the purse bag from Shopping Fest in Ankara the capital city of Turkiye.. These are so so cheap.. The shoes : 10 US dollars The purse bag : 5 US dollars..
And some photos of my daughter, my brother and I, .. Our Shopping Fest madness..:))

         At the beginning of our madness..

        My daughter is happy of course, She is planning to buy lots of things..:))

          Non-alcoholic beer..)) Don't Worry...

    We went to cinema, The movie was Dark Shadows from Tim Burton... More and more popcorn please...:))

            My brother is drinking Tea.. Tea is his favorite...:))

            Non-alcoholic beer again... :))

At the end of the day, We returned to our city Konya by bus.. We said bye bye to my brother, He is living in Ankara. Now we are on the bus, tired, but happy....


June 23, 2012

Crochet circles... What for?

Happy happy weekend all my friends,
I told you that I am so lazy in these days.:)). The weather is so hot. Maybe for that reason. Or I am near my family, I prefer to play with our lovelies.. Maybe for this reason, I didn't make crochet in these days..
But yesterday night, My mother told me'' Enough !! You have to make crochet, You are as lazy as cat mestan:))''
So I made crochet circles.. What for I don't know.. This is very easy for me to make crochet circles. So I made 7 circles for each colors.. I have 4 different colored yarn. So I have 28 crochet circles now.
I think I should make a crochet triangle shawl by joining the circles crochet to eachother with crochet chains...

Yesterday Foxy Fox's hair was cut as the weather is so hot and she has long hair. Some photos of Foxy, Otis and cat Mestan.. My Loves....:))

Foxy was so sad when she came from veterinary clinic, Her long hair was gone so she was depressed that moment. We dressed her a sweather first.

Here is Otis and his favorite toy, Plastic Bone..:))

Poor Foxy, She was still sleepy because of anesthesia..

Cat Mestan is always calm, and happy..

I Wish you happy happy weekend with all your family and friends...