August 24, 2012

Granny Stripe Boutique Bags...

And As I told yesterday, I want to show 2 Granny stipe boutique bags.. One for my mother and one for me..:))

Yes This bag is for my mother. She wanted dark grey color for her bag. And I made a crochet rose with green bead on its center. I joined the rose on to the bag..

And This is my bag. Pearl color bag with a pearl color crochet rose. I put a pearl on the center of the rose..

I sewed fabric into the bags. I think these bags are so fashionable and I may use my bag when I go any evening invitations or business dinners..
Happy and healthy days...



  1. Wow I love the colors you choose to make the bags. They are very pretty. I did not line mine, I don't know how to lol. Have a great weekend hun

  2. I love the bags especially the one you made for your mum xx

  3. They're both so pretty Beck - I love them. You are crocheting pretty fast - you're going to run out of things to make. :)

  4. Oh, Beck....I love both of them. The rose addition is very attractive.

  5. Your bags are just beautiful! I love the button touches!

  6. Oh I love the grey one, so pretty especially with the green bead. Brilliant. Where did you get the pattern from (if you don't mind me asking) :o) ?? xx

    1. Dear Emma thank you very much for your nice comment. When I heard good words, I am very happy and have a good day..:)) I saw these bags from SnuggleBunnie ( ) you may find from here. And also Snugglebunnie have showed the source of these bags patterns..
      Thank you so much again and all best days..:))

  7. Those are so pretty!! Great job on your nails! :)

  8. All my dear friends, You are all so kind.. Thank you very much for all your sweet comments.. I am really very happy when I heard good words from you.
    Sunday is my black DAY..:(( I have to return the city where I work...:(( Bad days are coming.. So I try to finish all my crochet projects here near my mother.. Maybe I don't want to do anything when I returned back to work.. Lonely Days again...:((