August 25, 2012

Crochet pillow for cat... crochet handbag, crochet can cover... and a little doily...

Hi all my dear friends, Hi from a sunny Saturday.. Yes this is a very sunny Saturday, but Black days are coming..:(((
I have to return back to my city where I work tomorrow..:(( My bus is at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. Happy days are finished and all trouble is beginning again..
No no The city where I work is not so bad of course. But I always depressed when I return back, and I miss my mother, my daughter and all my lovely pets so so much. My house is not so good as It is a rent house from University, The house is too old and all the furnitures are old too. But you know I try to be fine by making some handmades and crochet..:)) And you all my dear friends always tell me so good words that I forget all my trouble..:)) Thank you very much for all your friendship. You are really good people God knows.. I always say
God Bless all of You..
Well I am in a hurry for finishing my all crochet projects before returning back... Because I will be on the road all day as the city is so far to here.. And Excuse me If I answer your comments late because I don't know the situation of my internet connection of Antakya ( My work city). I hope my internet is well at home there and I can connect with you. But of course I have internet connection at the university. I will go to work on Monday and I can look my blog on Monday easily..
Here are all finished projects...

First I made a circle crochet and I put a yellow flower on the center of my crochet. Then I sewed a circle pillow from black fabric. I sewed the crochet on to the pillow. That' s all. My cat Mestan loves his crochet pillow so so much..:))

This is a crochet handbag but my mother made the bag and she gave the bag to me.. This is a zipper handbag and I like it so much...

This is a recycled can, I covered the can with crochet and I put a flower on to the crochet can..

Ohh my mother and my father but This is a very old photo maybe 15 years ago.. :))

And this is my first doily, Do you believe? My grandmother teached crochet to me.. I made this doily maybe I am 14 years old. But of course my dear grandma helped me so so so much..:))
My mother have found the doily last night and I want to show you..:))

And this is a crochet corner of my mother's home.. You remember all crochet cases and boxes and also crochet snowman..:)) My mother put all of them to the corner of the entrance of the home.. And she put candles and flowers into all cases. They seem so lovely and all neigbours of my mother like the corner and maybe the neighbours want me to make one for themselves..:))
Yes that's all my dear friends.I want to show all the crochet projects to you..
I can't write tomorrow I think, as I will be on the road to Antakya city..
GOD Bless all of you
GOD Save all of you


  1. Are you never tired to crochet???? You are an incredible crocheter, my dear!!!
    Have a lovely start for your job!!!
    xxx Alessandra

    1. Hi dear Alessandra, Yes you are right..:) I sometimes tired to crochet but In these days I am obsessed crochet..:)) I think when ı returned I don't want to make crochet a very long time..:))
      Thank you very much and all best wishes..

  2. Your kitty looks very proud to be on that cushion! Lovely pieces again :) have a lovely weekendl love to your family xx

    1. Hi dear Rachel, Yes my kitty Mestan likes his new pillow so much.. He is in comfort on his new pillow I think.
      Thank you so much and all best wishes..

  3. All of your projects looks so nice and pretty. I really like the crochet corner where your Mom has displayed all your crochet makes. Have a safe trip back home tomorrow. :)

    1. Hi dear Debi, Thank you so much for your good wishes.. You know I am crocheting so many things in these days and my mother try to find some new places to put the crochets.. but this corner is nice to show all my crochets to the neighbours..:))
      Thank you very muchand all best wishes..

  4. Hello Beck....I'm so impressed with all of your projects. I especially love the doily you made so many years ago. Mothers always seem to hold on to our first projects and art creations. Chin up! We are there for you when you return to your job. Time will pass quickly, and you will see your family again.

    1. My dear friend Meggie, may I cry..? I know that all of you are nearby me every time.. I always hear good words from you when I bored or when I was sad.. Do you know this blogging work is a miracle that I never feel lonely in Antakya city after I began blogging. I always tell all of you my all blogging friends to my mother.. She knows all of the friends very well. And she always says all her best regards to you.
      Thank you so so much. I know countries may be so far, but sweethearts and good wishes are always together..
      Thank you so much and all all best wishes..

  5. This is one lucky cat!

    Your creations are lovely.

    I hope you'll have a happy weekend! :)

    1. Hi dear Evi, Thank you so so much.. You know I like animals madly..:))
      I wish you a happy weekend too. All best wishes..

  6. Hi Beck,
    Thanks for visiting me and joining my blog. All your crochet items are so colourful and nice. I just love the pink purse. It is so nice that your mom and you both crochet. Wish you all the best for going back to work. And please take good care of yourself.

  7. Hi dear Sangeetha, I am really very happy to meet you. Thank you so much for joining my blog. You like crochet like me. But all your crochets are so so beautiful. And they are like an art..
    I wish you and your family very happy days..
    And all best wishes...

  8. Dear Beck...I can't believe all the things you have made!!!! I was looking at posts I have missed and the granny square shawl is beautiful!!!!
    I am so sorry you have to leave you loved ones....I can see how hard you work..that's when I am so glad to have is a very soothing way to pass times when you are parents were both sick for a long time and my hand work saved me!!
    I hope you are back with your family soon!!

  9. Beautiful crochet projects, and it seems that Mestan likes them too!

  10. More lovely inspiration! And in my next life, I want to come back as one of your pets!

  11. Hi Beck!!You have done great job with all these crochet things!!I love them all!!!So many colours your house must be very happy!!I wish you a good start with your job and the time will pass very quickly and you will see your family again!!Till then you will have all us to keep you some company ok?Have a nice week and don't worry be happy :)Kisses and hugs...

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