January 7, 2012

Crochet Clown Memo Board Now...

Dear Friends, Now This is another memo board which was made as crochet monkey memo board. But This time I made a crochet clown and added on the board. This is for my daughter as she wanted it for her room very much.


  1. What a lovely creation. Your daughter must be very pleased. Bravo !

  2. Dear Rachel, Thank you very much. Whatever I make My daughter wants it. And I say her that learn how to make and make whatever you want.. Sometimes she tries to make crochet and she is boring quickly. But I am very pleased when somebody likes my crochets and always I give it to her.. Thank you very much and best wishes...

  3. Dear Jee, Thank you very much. I like crochet very much and I like to try different motifs. But I prefer simple motifs of course. Thank you and all best wishes...