November 30, 2011

Photos from my daughter..

Nice knitted bag with collar..

Here are my knitted a very simple and nice bag with collar.. Easy work..

My daughter made them..

Some decoupage works with paper napkins from my daughter. Hard work for me. But not for her.. I see....:)

2 houses for my 2 dogs..

foxy house

Again Foxy.. She is jealous a bit..
And here are 2 houses for my dogs. I made them from big delivery packages. Very hard job for my as I felt myself as an architect.. No no I am veterinarian.. Hard work..

Pillow for my little cat..

Otis likes this cat very much..

My poor cat..
This was for my little cat. Well but my little boy Otis liked it so much.. Never mind I can make another one for my cat again..

My crochet vest from my mommy.. Thanks..

A very nice gift from my mommy.. Crochet vest for my birthday...

Crochet cat family..

Well I like all animals so so much. Expecially cats.. Just here my cat family form very easy crochet for my pillows..

November 29, 2011

HELLO for all crochet lovers..

Today is my first day for my blog and I am very happy that I ll show some little works of me and learn so many things from you. I ll watch some blogs from all over the world that I made some crochets from tutorials. So I decided to show you what I made. It is very important for me that to learn your ideas about my works. Because I know that I am very new for this kind of things but I like to make a new little things for every single day.
Actually I am very busy about my job. I am a veterinarian woman and I am trying to treat all kind of animals all day. But at the end of the day I ll be happy if that animals are healthy. That s time to go to my sweet home. And finally I understand that resting for me is.. To be with my daughter and my mother, to be with my 2 sweet dogs and my little cat, crochet and knitting. Yes this is my rest of life after work.
So now, Hello again friends for a happy and healthy times..