May 31, 2012

Please have a look.... My new baby...

Here is my new baby.. Yes that's right. This is a great gift from my student who finished the Veterinary Faculty this semestre and I am his pathology proffessor. He has a mother cocker spaniel. Thanks him that he gave one of her puppies to me..
Yes I have a very sweet English Cocker Spaniel puppy now...
She doesn't know how to bark do you believe this. Because of that reason she can't want somethings to me.. Only she is looking my eyes.. I guess what she wants...
Ohhh life.... I like my life.. With all my pets.....:))

But, She hasn't got any name... If you have got any name ideas you may write me.. I am waiting...
Thank you very much....

May 29, 2012

Today, I like Pink very much...

Hi dear friends,
I have no crochets to show you. Today I want to show you my 'pink' love...

At home...

At the faculty...

Pink is every where..
Pink is in my mind...

May 28, 2012

Look at my new style..

Well, sometimes I am boring and I am planning to change my vision. But effective changings...
And I found a simple way for this.. Some photo effects...:))
Now I am a bit different......
And I made a photo frame from an old placemat again. Now my new style with my new photo frame on my wall...

My new photo frame with my new style... Also My cat Mestan has a new style with 'mad hatter hat'..:)

Only the face is mine...:))

Very decorative on my wall I think...

Well I have some good plans!! for my brother....:))

May 27, 2012

Crochet Spiderweb and my new crochet hooks..

Hi dear my friends,
 This is a very nice weekend for me. I had so many time for cleaning the rooms of my house and for making various decorations.
First of all I made a crochet spiderweb for my daughter's room. It makes a different ambiance on the wall.

Yes This is a funny chaos I know...:))
 I had received my new crochet hooks set on friday from one of international big stores.. I am happy and planning to make new crochets with them..

Look at my new hooks.. Oh they are like candies...:))

May 25, 2012

Sweet Sweet Bonomo..!! Can Bonomo - Love Me Back (Turkey) 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Official...

My heart belongs to you Bonomo... Best best luck for 2012 Eurovision Song Contest....

May 23, 2012

Crochet Tunic..

Hi dear my friends,
I came back to my city on Sunday night and I begun to work immediately.
I bought this kind of yarn to make a crochet tunic and I finished it last night. This is a very simple crochet tunic in filet style ( I think I wrote correct) consisting only chains and holes. I took some photos of my tunic. But I am so sorry that I couldn't take myself's photo very well. Because there was noone to take my photo.
So you can feel that you are looking a monster who wore a crochet tunic on her body..:))
And by the way you will see how fat I am after quitting smoking... I am always eating somethings..
My new name is... Humpty Dumpty..:))
You remember him from the movie 'Puss in the Boots'..

Happy Days..

May 19, 2012

New Crochet Basket Covers AND Crochet Bookmarks..

Hi dear friends,
Today is my last day near my family. Tomorrow I have to return to Antakya city because of my job. But I must say that this was a very nice and enjoyable week for me with my family..
I finished some crochet projects here for my mother and my daughter. Here they are.
New crochet basket covers...

And crochet bookmarks.. I made them from icecream sticks..:))

One for my mother, One for my daughter, and the last one .. No not for me.. The last bookmark is for my mother's very best friend and our neighbour. She likes to read so much. And the bookmark will be a little gift for her I hope..

And the last photo..
Cat Mestan and his best friend, bird Shahbaz..:))


May 15, 2012

2 New Crochet Slippers and a Shawl (But not finished yet..)

Hi dear my friends,
I must excuse to all my blogging friends that I couldn't write any comments to your new blog posts. Because I am not busy with my computer so much. I am near my family and I will stay here for only one week. I am trying to spend all my time with my daughter and my mother and all our sweeties.
In this time I made 2 new crochet slippers for my mother and for my daughter..
Here they are..
The blue crochet slippers for my mother...

And now The pink slippers for my daughter.. She wanted two different colored buttons for her slippers..

My mother had bought blue shiny yarn. It is so pretty. She wanted a knitted shawl. I don't like knitting. But as I wanted to help her a bit, I began knitting. The shawl will be rectangle and knitting simple style.. I want to show how the yarn is...

And I found some so nice crochet shawls and also crochet blankets form new crochet magazines. I want to show them and I think I will try to make the last one if I find some free time..

And Finally Here I am...
With my sweeties...:)))

Sleeping with all my sweeties... This is the most beautiful feeling for me....:))


May 13, 2012

Happy MOTHER's DAY..:))

My dear sweetheart blogging friends,
Happy mother's day...