April 17, 2012

DIY.. New Photo Frames And my Loves..

Hi All dear Friends,
This time, I made two photo frames from 2 old placemats again... But now, I made a photo collages for my two loves, Otis and Cat Mestan. I have not made a photo collage of my Foxy Fox yet but I ll make one for my Foxy in a very short time I think. I printed photo collages and attached on placemats. These are very good decors for my lonely home. Because my loves are living near my family you know...
Here they are.. Both of them wore a crown. Otis and Cat Mestan are my kings...:))

And I want to show you another photo and and photo frame that one of my Portuguese students gave me as a gift. This is his dog's picture. And he knew that I like animals so so so much. So he gave this present to me.. Thank you dear Leno...

Well I must say that, I gave my little baby Talia to one of my students as a gift. This photo is my last photo with baby Talia. It was taken at my Veterinary Faculty garden just about 1 hour ago.
My student, His name is Isa, will give my Talia to his sister who is 10 years old. So I gave my puppy to my student Isa as a gift.. His family will be the the new family of Talia...
Bye Bye Talia... My beautiful girl...

This is my Veterinary Faculty Garden. I and Talia together....

And Here are some funny pictures of Otis and Foxy. My daughter sent this photos last night as I missed them so much...

Sleepy Otis with his Bandana-scarf...

And Jealous Foxy Fox ( Talia's mother ) with the same bandana-scarf.... And my mother's hands...:))

Today is a very sunny day.. I wish happy sunny days to all my dear friends....


  1. Aw - so sweet. Love your pictures.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Your placemat picture frames are a great idea - they look very nice. I love the pictures of your doggies wearing the bandana scarf - they both look so cute. Have a great day Beck. :)

  3. Hi Beck...such a nice post showing all your sweet babies. What a wonderful gift you shared with your student. Have a happy day!

  4. Hi Beck!! What a sweet post and photos!! So happy to be your newest follower!!! Have a beautiful, sunny day!! xo Heather

  5. What a great idea and the photos/frames turned out wonderfully!

    You just made a 10 year old girl very happy - she and Talia will get to grow up together :-)

  6. Maşallah. Hepsini çok çok öperim:)

  7. So sweet and creative!! What adorable puppies!! ;) xo Heather

  8. Very cute pictures! Enjoy the sunshine, it's raining here xxx

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