April 19, 2012

Half Circle Crochet Pillow with Eyelash Yarn..

Hi Dear my Friends,
Finally I finished my half circle crochet pillow last night. I used eyelash yarn for the edges again.  Dear Debi, made a wonderful crochet pillow by using eyelash yarn. Then I saw this from her blog and I tried to use eyelash yarn. I like this eyelash yarn work so much.
Here is my half circle crochet pillow. I crocheted 3 solid granny triangles. I joined triangles with eyelash yarn. And I sewed my crochet on to the half circle pillow. I made 3 crochet flowers and sewed them on to the centers of the triangles.. That's all..

I had made ragg crochet pillow before. You remember. But my crochet is a bit smaller for my pillow. So I sewed another pillow but fit to my crochet square. And here It is..

My crochet pillow with my crochet basket...

This is my daughter's bedroom in Antakya city. Well my family doesn't come here yet.  But I prepared my daughter's room. I want that she will be happy when she saw her bedroom..

All happy days to All my friends....



  1. I love the half circle pillow - it is so pretty.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. That half circle pillow is a clever idea. It is really effective in the corner like that. I might have to try to make one too! I still don't know how I will go with the eyelash yarn. I think it will be hard to work with.
    xXx Helen

  3. Dear Liz and Dear Helen, Thank you very much for your very nice comments. Dear Helen, Debi was describing how to use the eyelash yarn in her blog so good. Really It is easy not so hard. You will use eyelash yarn for only joining the motifs. Thank you very much for your comments and all best wishes...

  4. Hi dear friend Beck!!!This pillow is so cute!!!I love it!!I like the colours and the design!!!Very beautiful, i think that your daughter will be very huppy!!!Kisses!!!Sophie....

  5. Hello Beck....What a clever idea with the half circle pillow. Your daughter will love the space you have created for her. Your hands are busy all the time and you accomplish so much!

  6. Hi Beck,
    I found your blog through Emma at The Log Cabin. Beautiful pillow! I may have to get brave and try eyelash yarn; it's so pretty.

  7. Hi Beck! Your crocheted pillows are so adorable and what beautiful colors!! Have a lovely day!! xo Heather

  8. Hi Beck thankyou for popping by my blog and for your lovely comments,i love your crochet cushions they are very pretty xxx

  9. Hi Beck, I love reading your blog and have awarded to the Leibster award but I won't be offended if you choose not to accept xxx

  10. Your pillows turned out wonderfully! I like the colors and the colors in the room - esp the drapes.