April 16, 2012

Crochet Basket..

Happy Monday to all my friends. I was very busy all Saturday and Sunday.. Home cleaning, washing, cooking, again cleaning.. :)) But Of course I found free time to make crochet..
I had some yarn which I had made a crochet bag before. So I made a crochet basket. This is the same pattern with crochet bag and crochet hat. But finally I used green eyelash yarn on edges.. Thank you Debi..:)) Dear Debi teached me to use eyelash yarn..

Now this is my parfumes basket... I think It seems nice...



  1. You're welcome Beck. I love your basket - the eyelash yarn is perfect around the edges. Great work. :)

  2. Hi Beck....Happy Monday to you!....what a clever way to use your eyelash yarn. I noticed one of your candle holders has a cat design that looks very much like a LaurelBurch.com design. Very nice.....

  3. My dear friends, Dear Debi and Dear Meggie, thank you that you like my crochet basket. Really I am very happy when I hear good things from you. Dear Meggie, I looked Laurel Burch web site and that is true. My cat is similar with her designs. I like it.. So nice.
    Best Regards...

  4. Hello Beck! Pleased to meet you, my name is Luciana and I'm from Brazil. I saw your blog on one of the blogs I follow and you came to visit.
    Very cute your blog, congratulations! And their crochets too!
    So how do you also love crafts, so I'm following you.
    When you can and want to make me a visit (www.mimosdaclaralu.blogspot.com), I'll be very happy and honored to receive it.
    Be blessed one week.

  5. Very clever idea, it looks like it is woven from grass! Your perfume bottles are a pretty shape too. Have a great day enjoying your pretty (and clean!) home.

  6. Emeğine sağlık arkadaşım, çok güzel olmuş. Saçaklı ip de ayrı bir hava katmış.
    Sevgiyle kal, daima...

  7. Adorable and functional. I love it!