November 13, 2012

Frankie Goes To Hollywood with Crochet Cat-Bag...

Hi dear all my sweet friends.
Thank you for all your sweet comments.. All your comments make my day so happy...:))

Here is a new crochet cat-bag with my dear friend Frankie...

You very well know that I had learnt this kind of bags from my dear friend, moonlightcat. I must thank to her again...:)))

All happy days....:))


  1. Great bag! Glad to see Frankie's "softer" side! Perhaps he's just misunderstood :-)

  2. Hello Beck! This bag is a great present for cat lovers!!!! Very nice and very cute!

  3. You really are a big fan of cat bags! :) how many have you made so far? Do you use all of them or you gift them?

    1. Hi and thank you very much.. Making cat bags come very easy to me.:)) And also I may give just like a gift to my friends..:)) I can finish one crochet cat bag in only 1 hour...:))

  4. Thank you dear all my friends. For all your sweet words for my cat bag. I saw this cat bags from one of my blogging friend moonlightcat. If you visit her blog you may see so many kind of this cat bags so so much..:))

  5. Hello Beck...the cat bag is adorable. I need to make one for my granddaughter. Thanks for the idea.

  6. kırmızı olsun 5 fazla olsun hele birde kedişli olunca değme keyfe:)çok güzel ellerinize sağlık..