November 9, 2012

Ohh No.. My yarn has just finished..:((

Yes, I have only one more yarn ball to crochet the shawl of my brother's fiancee.. I don't know what I will do. Because I had bought the yarn from the city where my family lives..

The shawl under my project had been made last winter.. And I am measuring its lenght to my project. But I have only one yarn ball. Now I began to pray that The last yarn must be enough to finish my shawl project..:))

Happy me- Sad me....

Happy Happy Weekends to all my dear friends...:))


  1. Ooooh. Good luck - I hope it is enough!

  2. I keep my fingers cross : good luck!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. I know that feeling well Beck, fingers crossed you will have enough, it's going to be very pretty when it's finished :)

  4. It's really beautiful. Congratulation!
    nice weekend...

  5. LOL you are so funny. Just keep going till it runs out and then declare it big enough! Thats what I would do. :-)