July 1, 2012

My sewing project 2 is finished..:))

I finished sewing the skirt for my daughter.. But she didn't want it. So now It is my skirt.. Here it is..:))

I sewed this skirt for my daughter but she didn't want it. So good for me. I wore it...:))
You know my mother and my daughter had went to Ankara the capital city of Turkiye for Shopping Fest.. Shopping Fest is a real madness for my daughter. Here what she had bought there...
I must say that I begged her to take her photos.:)). She never want to take her photos all time..
But this time I said her that whatever you want I will buy ..:)))) Ok.
Here are her shopping fest madness..
My sweety...

Her new floral top with pale pink pants...

Watch shaped neclace.. I like this so much....

The real Sea Shell ring and gramophone record ring... Immmm..

My sweety with her new dresses...

 My daughter and I... :)) Happy together...

..Happy happy weekend.....:))



  1. hola Bek!que falda tan bonita me encanta,,y te queda genial! yo tengo ganas de hacer cosas de costura,pero no tengo maquina de coser,,se la pedire a alguien que me la regale ya! tu hija a echo muy buenas compras,los anillos...todo me gusta y se ve la mar de felices,,un beso y feliz semana guapa!

  2. Oh......!! I love the skirt! Looks wonderful on you! I may have to make one myself!! I am quite behind on my own projects as the garden takes a lot of time......and I have developed a cervical disk problem.......not happy about that! Thankfully it is my left arm and hand...but it makes it quite impossible to do some things...but I am trying to keep it in perspective...there are lots of people who hurt all the time...so I will deal with it! I love the pictures of your beautiful daughter!!!

  3. Hello, you are looking fabulous in the skirt :) And the floral shirt is wow! I love this for the summer. And I become very happy of the last photo, laughing together, thats the way to be with your daugther, byebyeeeeeeeee

  4. i really love the record ring!!!


  5. i love the skirt the material is great. you two look so cute together i love the things she bought especially the necklace and top xx

  6. aww it is so sweet to see mother and daughter together having fun...great pictures and love the skirt

  7. Cute skirt! Such sweet photos of you and your daughter!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  8. Wow!!! What a happy post! Thank you for making me smile :)... Your daughter is such a cutie! I love all stuff she chose! The skirt you made is very beautiful, it looks fab on you (maybe it must be yours so your daughter refused it, hehe :))
    Have a great day!
    Best, LS

  9. Hello Beck...Lucky for you..you now have a new skirt!

  10. I love the two of you having so much fun together! That is so awesome!