June 29, 2012

The sewing project 1 is finished..:))

I finished sewing the blouse-tunic finally.. This is a blouse for my sweet daughter but she don't allow me to take her photo as all the time..:)) I wore it and take photos.. This is a quick make up with terrible hair style.. My dear friend Rachel told in her blog post today What sort of thing do you wear to pop out in ?
Here is mine...:))
This is my sewing project 1.
Sewing project 2 will be a pencil skirt for my daughter again. But this time I believe I will take photos of my daughter. Because I will say her that ' I will buy you whatever you want my sweety:))

Well, If I wear my daughter's blouse-tunic, I may wear her guitar necklace too...)) Why not..:))

Her guitar necklace..

Am I mad?.. Well Maybe a Bit. I have to return to Antakya city on Sunday, My rest will be finished... Ohhh Nooo.....


  1. I love the blouse - it's really pretty. Great sewing work. I love the last picture with all the different faces you made. :)

  2. Oh Beck, your blouse turned out GREAT! It looks really good on you, maybe you will have to share it with your daughter. Love your silly faces at the end of the post :D

  3. well done on your sewing project it is very nice i can't wait to see what else you make :) say hello to your daughter hopefully she will let you take her pictures next time xx

  4. I love your pictures. what a lovely top you made. That looks awesome. Your very pretty.

  5. Haha! Look at you! You look like a teenager. :-) I love that you are worried about your hair and make up, I don't wear make up and sometimes I don't brush my hair either. Such a messy scruffy girl I am! hehe!

    You are so clever. The top looks awesome and I love the last motion picture. How did you do that? LOL I have a picture of my dog that I would like to do that with. She is opening and closing her mouth between the pics and it looks like she is singing. :-)

  6. Hey, Beck.....You make me laugh. I love your kind of madness!