June 25, 2012

The crochet shawl and the other projects...

Hi dear friends,
You know my different colored crochet circles. They are growing and I think My shawl will be finished soon  ( I HOPE..:))

I made crochet chains all around the circles.. Now they look like flowers.. After I finished this, I will join the flowers by crochet chains again. I think the shawl will look like a big spider web..

I saw this kind of flowers from 2 dear friends' blogs : http://coloresyganchos.blogspot.com/ and http://anna-fantasiaylaboresanna.blogspot.com/. Of course those are not the same of my circle flowers..  But I saw these crochet circles in these blogs first. Then I made my crochet circles..

And my other projects :
 I bought 3 different color fabric today. Here they are:

I will try to sew just like this blouse with the striped fabric..

I am planning to sew 2 long pencil skirts for my daughter and for me with the other 2 different fabric..
But I must Say,

 Sewing is harder for me than crocheting..:))



  1. Hello Beck....you are very busy! I love all your projects, especially the new fabric.

  2. Dear My friend Meggie, Thank you very much. This is my last week with my family in this city. I have to return to Antakya city next week. So I try to find somethings to make here.. Just like a panic..:))
    All best wishes...

  3. Those are lovely circle you made and I can't wait to see your shawl all done up. That is a gorgeous fabric you have there. I sew too but someone has to show me first then i can take off. I think you will do just fine. Can't wait to see your blouse and skirt.

  4. Dear SnuggleBunnie,
    Thank you very much. In fact I don't know sewing exactly. I try to learn sewing by myself.. And believe me that nobody wears the cloths which I sewed, Only I wear which I sewed.:)) That is a shame I know.. But I like what I sewed and I wear it proudly.. :))

  5. I also think crochet is much easier than sewing. Although I am quite capable when I set my mind to it, I usually leave it up to my oldest daughter. Maybe because when she moved out, so did my overlocker? Hmmmm Love love love the fabric and your flowers are going to make a stunning shawl. Hugs xoxoxo

  6. The circles are looking wonderful! Can't wait to see the finished product. Have fun with your sewing; I can't do that, but I've always wanted to learn.

  7. i nominated you for an award over on my blog xx

  8. I LOVE those crochet flowers! I see lots of ways they can embellish projects. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.