May 2, 2012

True Love..... Dog and Cat Love.....

My sweet dog Foxy and my Cat Mestan fall in love.. Yes That is true...
Look at Foxy's hands... She is so happy with cat Mestan.. And Mestan my dear boy, he loves Foxy so much.. Incredible... But true.....:))
What a strange world....!!



  1. Love it. We had a dog and a cat that were the same way. They adored each other :)

  2. Hello Beck...What an unlikely pair! But oh so sweet...

  3. Hi dear friend! I came to thank and say that the visit was very happy to see you there. Come back whenever you can.
    PS: Congratulations on your quit smoking, this is a great victory!
    May God bless you.
    Kisses from Luciana.

  4. So cute! I hope the no smoking is going well. Sending you lots and lots of positive vibes!

  5. They are very cuye together! Jx

  6. que tierno! sabes? yo tengo dos perrillos tambien y son adorables,un beso!!

  7. Hi Beck!!!It is so cute i love it!!!
    Thank you for your comment to my blog!!!
    I made this table cloth with my hands and if you were here in Greece i would teach you how to do this by yourself!!

  8. Oh Beck, this is so adorable !!! Lucky you to have 2 animals that love each other. This is not the case in our house !!!
    Thank you for sharing this video: I love it.