May 4, 2012

Sunny Friday... Funny Friday..:).

Hi, Dear my friends,
Thank you very much for your nice comments to my cat and dog video.. I think I will send this video to some TV channels to show cat-dog love..
Today is a sunny friday and I am smiling now.. Weekend comes but this weekend I won't go near my family. I think I will make some crochet but what I will do I don't know yet..
This is my last crochet jar cover. I put some flowers in it and took photos of all my crochet jar covers together..

Today is my 4th day that I don't smoke and This is going good... I am really happy for this reason but the most happiest is my mother.
Dear Meggie gave me an idea that I can save my money instead of paying for cigarettes. So I made a moneybox from one of my porselain boxes at home. Here it is..

This is my moneybox. It is small now. But I think one day I will have a huge :) moneybox.. Thank you Dear Meggie..

When I came to my office, I decided to take some photos of my office.. I am in this office from 8:00 A.M in the morning. to 5:00 P.M in the afternoon. Well hours may be changed but this is a rule of our University that all Assoc Proffessor must be at work between that hours...
Here are some photos of my office.. No crochet here..:(((

This is my calendar on my desk that shoes my days for quitting cigarettes.. This is the 4th day for  quitting cigarettes..  Hard days..:))

And this is my tea corner for my guests and also for myself... But only green tea  in my office...
And Finally some funny photos of my brother.. Ohh excuse me dear brother.. I wish he cuold not see this blog post. Maybe He will angry to me.. But these are not bad only funny...:))
Don' t look Brother......

We decided to make some decorations on the wall when I had been near my family in Konya city. As we like cats we sticked cat sticker on the wall. But some more sticker we had and we didn't decide where we should put these stickers. So my brother put the stickers on Otis and Foxy' bodies. They were very happy with stickers...

Ohhhh Poor Otis....

                              But we had some more stickers.. And this is the final... Good decision....

No no this is not a mustache.. This is only a moon sticker...

He lived with his stickers all the day. He ate the dinner with his stickers, He  watched  TV with his stickers . I think he slept with his stickers....

Sunny fridays and funny fridays to all my blogging friends.....



  1. Oh how fun! Such a happy post! Happy colors with your crocheted jar coves, "happy" office even though without crochet, and happy stitckers on happy faces!!!
    Hope you have a happy weekend ahead!
    Best, LS

  2. Beck!!!! I am so so so happy for you!!! Four days!!!! Wonderful!! And I love the pictures of your brother...great luck to you!!

  3. Dear Holly, How terrible four days....:)) But It is going on well. I will be the conqueror of this war I suppose.. All best wishes and thank you very much...

  4. hola guapa! que garcioso todo,,el video si lo deberias mandar,porque es una preciosidad.Tu oficina es muy bonita,,y los perros estan graciosisimos con las pegatinas y tu hermano jajaja! enhorabuena por otro dia mas sin fumar,,que tengas un feliz fin de semana y que realizes muchas cosas bonitas que nos de ideas! un beso!

  5. Congrats on your 4th day Beck - good going. I love the pictures of your brother - he seems to be a fun guy. :)

  6. El ganchillo genial,el video genial y que tengas suerte en lo de dejar de fumar es duro pero bueno valor.Besotes

  7. 4 days, good for you! Your brother is funny, I love all the pictures. Enjoy your weekend crocheting

  8. Love your pretty crocheted vases!! Oh, such fun photos of your brother!! Have a wonderful weekend!! xo Heather

  9. Dear friend, I came to say do not give up, do not go back to smoking. Ok?
    Be persistent! You'll get.
    Make a lemon cake from Luciana and indulge! laughs
    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. What a fun blog post - from the pretty colorful crochet vases to your office (nice cups!) to your brother playing around!!

    Congrats on 4 days - perhaps 5 by now?

  11. Hi Beck....I'm so glad you now have a money box. Smoking is expensive, so now you save that money and can buy more yarn! Thanks for sharing the photos of your office.