May 19, 2012

New Crochet Basket Covers AND Crochet Bookmarks..

Hi dear friends,
Today is my last day near my family. Tomorrow I have to return to Antakya city because of my job. But I must say that this was a very nice and enjoyable week for me with my family..
I finished some crochet projects here for my mother and my daughter. Here they are.
New crochet basket covers...

And crochet bookmarks.. I made them from icecream sticks..:))

One for my mother, One for my daughter, and the last one .. No not for me.. The last bookmark is for my mother's very best friend and our neighbour. She likes to read so much. And the bookmark will be a little gift for her I hope..

And the last photo..
Cat Mestan and his best friend, bird Shahbaz..:))



  1. que bonito!!! la idea de los marcadores me a gustado mucho...asi que la hare,,feliz fin de semana.

  2. Love all of the colors!! My daughter would love those book marks. I may have to figure out how you did them and whip a few up for her and her friends. Thanks for sharing.

  3. They're all very nice and pretty. Clever idea to make the bookmark with the ice cream stick. I'm glad to hear you had a nice visit with your family. :)

  4. Hi Beck. I see you have been busy with the crochet hook! Very pretty flower pot covers and the bookmarks are great! Good idea to cover the ice cream sticks. I love the animals in all your pictures. I used to have a bird just like Shahbaz when I was little. Oh yes, and your slippers look fantastic!

  5. Your crocheted holders and bookmarks are so adorable!! So glad you have had a wonderful week with your family Beck!! Enjoy your weekend my dear!! xo Heather

  6. You are very talented.
    These are all beautiful.
    I am glad you had a lovely week with your family my friend

  7. Hello Beck...You are so thoughtful to make a gift for your mother's best friend. The bookmarks are so cute with the buttons added on the bottom.

  8. Hello Beck....I left a comment several hours ago. I hope you received it.

  9. Muy bonito todo me gustan mucho los colores ,que alegres son.Todo un encanto.Besos

  10. Que bonito todo!! que buena idea lo de los palos de helados para los marcadores de libros, me encanta! y los colores preciosos.
    Un abrazo guapa

  11. I love all the dogs and cats you have.