May 15, 2012

2 New Crochet Slippers and a Shawl (But not finished yet..)

Hi dear my friends,
I must excuse to all my blogging friends that I couldn't write any comments to your new blog posts. Because I am not busy with my computer so much. I am near my family and I will stay here for only one week. I am trying to spend all my time with my daughter and my mother and all our sweeties.
In this time I made 2 new crochet slippers for my mother and for my daughter..
Here they are..
The blue crochet slippers for my mother...

And now The pink slippers for my daughter.. She wanted two different colored buttons for her slippers..

My mother had bought blue shiny yarn. It is so pretty. She wanted a knitted shawl. I don't like knitting. But as I wanted to help her a bit, I began knitting. The shawl will be rectangle and knitting simple style.. I want to show how the yarn is...

And I found some so nice crochet shawls and also crochet blankets form new crochet magazines. I want to show them and I think I will try to make the last one if I find some free time..

And Finally Here I am...
With my sweeties...:)))

Sleeping with all my sweeties... This is the most beautiful feeling for me....:))



  1. It looks as if you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy every minute with your family. Jx

  2. Love your pretty slippers, and the shawl is such a gorgeous blue!! What a an adorable picture of you sleeping with your sweeties!! xo Heather

  3. Dear Jan and dear Heather,
    Thank you so much for your warm comments. You see how happy I am near my family.. Thank you very much. I can't look your new blog posts very well so I can't write comment. I will look all my blogging friends blogs tomorrow with my mother. She is more curious than me to look your blogs and your handmades..
    Thank you very much and best best wishes..

  4. Both pairs of slippers look so nice - and I love the yarn you're knitting your Mom's shawl with. :)

  5. Oh Beck!!! The picture of you on the couch with your babies is wonderful!!!!! Makes me want to take a nap right now with mine!!!! Have a wonderful time with your wonderful family!!! XXXXX

  6. no te preocupes! nada mejor que estar con la family! las zapatillas me encantan,,,cuando puedas me dices como se hacen,,,gracias guapa un beso!

  7. Aw - last photo is so cute! Your slippers look really cosy and warm.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. nasıl güzel görünüyorlar! biz patik diyoruz siz terlik yazmışsınız ne olursa olsun adı çıkan iş şahane olmuş.düğmelere bayıldım.ellerinize sağlık.bu arada bende küçük bir ödülünüz var.beklerim.sevgiler..

  9. Hi Beck!!!All your creations are so beautiful!!!!The last photo is so cute and warm!!!I like it so much!!!Kisses and hugs!!!

  10. Disfruta de la familia guapa, es lo primero y lo mas importante, las zapatillas son muy bonitas, gracias por tus palabras en mi blog y yo tambien te sigo para ver todas tus cositas