March 28, 2012

My new skirt..

Hi Dear My friends,
I sewed another skirt for myself again. I had some fabric looks like snake skin leather and It was a stretch fabric. So It was so easy to make skirt. I sewed elastic ribbon to the waist belt and I wore my new skirt to my faculty. So easy to make...

And now time to work again...

All best wishes...


  1. Hello...I love your photos today, especially the last one of you at work. Thanks for sharing your life.

  2. Dear Meggie, Thank you very much. I have so much work in these days. I have not got any time to make somethings at home. I try to make some simple things only. Thank you very much for your good comment and I wish you beautiful days...

  3. Dear Debi, Thank you very much. When I hear some good things from my friends, I ll be happy all day and I want to make some new things and show to you. Thank you very much and all best wishes..

  4. Great skirt! And you look great in it!

  5. This is very cute! Well done. It looks really nice on you.