March 26, 2012

Crochet Door handle Organiser..

Dear My friends,
First of all I am so sorry that I couldn't write my new handmades. Because I was trying to change my blog view. I was trying to make my blog 3 columns. but You see that I am terribly unsuccessful that I could not make my blog 3 columns. Only I changed the blog view and header. So that I am really very sorry that my answers to your blogs were a bit late.
But now, I want to show you my new door handle organiser which I made it this weekend. I hope you like it. It is very useful that I never loose my reading glasses or my keys anymore.
I found this crochet door handle organiser from one of my friends' blog. She is moonlightcat. If you look her blog you can see some other nice organisers.
Then I made mine. This organiser was a bir different from her organisers. You can make your own organiser maybe with some differences..
Here is my organiser for my bedroom door handle...

Happy Spring to all my friends...


  1. It looks very nice - great idea. :)

  2. Hi Beck!!!
    Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment!!!I like your blog and your creations!!!This organiser is very beautiful and also is a very clever idea!!Bravo!!!
    I would be very happy to see you again!!!
    Kisses and hugs!!!
    Sophie from Greece!!!