October 12, 2012

My guests and a traditional breakfast in Antakya...

Hi my dear friends,
I said several times you remember, finally my brother and his girl friend came to the city where I live..:))
Yes I gave all my handmades and crochet gifts to her and she liked them very very much. That made me so happy you know...
This city- Antakya is a very historical city and very traditional city that, they visited some historical places of course. And we went one place, some kind of natural park that there was a traditional breakfast not special for Turkish breakfast. But maybe Arabian breakfast...
You know very well I ATE SO MUCH....
Here we are...

These were all delicious and I ate so so much...

Ohh Look at me.. How happy I was...:))
And a small crochet work... Here is a crochet cat handbag... Pink cat...:))

I have to thank to moonlightcat so much that I learnt this cat handbags from her very nice blog...
Thank you dear my friend...:))

As I said you before, I missed knitting so much. Yesterday I have began a small pet blanket.. We will see how It will be at the end...:))

Yes today I am again happy because... WEEKEND......:)))


  1. wow, breakfast looks great, I want to join this party, I am hungry right now:)) And cute bag, I love to see you with the knitting needles... I am curious what you are making, byebye

  2. the breakfast not arabic and Antakya is not an Arabic city just some arabinan rooted people live there..the breakfast is definitly a regional classic one I know because my husband comes from the city and we will go there next week for the festives again..

    1. Of course I know Antakya very good as I live here for 10 years. Antakya is not an arabic city how can it be. It is İn Turkey's boundaries. But most of things here is related to Arabic culture. This kind of breakfast is just an arabic culture because most of meals names are in arabic not in turkish.. I know better than you because I live here...

  3. lovely breakfast!!! I think you 3 spent a lovely time together!!!
    Your pink kitty purse is cute, as usual!!! Enjoy your knitting and have an happy weekend, xxx Ale

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Cute kitty purse too! Happy knitting Beck : )

  5. Breakfast looks delicious and fresh! I, too, am ecstatic that it is Friday. Three more hours and I can leave the office. (Of course, I am reading your blog when I should be working. Don't tell my bosses!)

  6. The food looks lovely and I love the pink cat bag it's so cute xx