September 19, 2012

Birthday and Foxy's crochet hat....

Hi all my dear sweetheart friends, First of all, Thank you very much for all your good wishes for my daughter and all my family... You are all good people and I am very happy that I met with all of you...
I am reading all your comments and translating all of them to my daughter and my mother.. Both of them are saying all their regards to you..
And I must say something to you... God Knows I will be retired at this november.. After that I am free. Maybe I may find some vet Pathology works at this city but I want to rest for sometime..
You all my dear friends may come to Turkey If you want with your family..You may be our guests whenever you want..  All my family and of course Iwill be very happy to see you in Turkey and our guests..
After this november I will be free and I will be very happy If you visit Turkey and also be our guests..:))
Yesterday was my daughter 's birthday..
She is 18 now..:))

Here are some pictures which were taken yesterday..
I made crochet hearts you know and I used ribbon to join all the hearts. I saw some kind of crochet circles bunting from my dear friend Alessandra's blog..:))
I had made crochet hearts bunting and paper ornaments for celebration...

And here is a crochet hat for FoxyFox...:)) But I must say that She doesn't like her hat...:))

Otis is kissing Foxy... I think He likes her hat so much....:))

I wish you all happy days... And I cant't write comments for your new blog posts in these days you know.. I am so sorry. But I will return back on Sunday I may find more time to read and write for your blogs...
Thank you very much and all best wishes...:))


  1. I think you spent a lovely time all together and celebrating your daughter birthday!!! So you are going to retire...happy with that? It would be lovely to come to Turkey one day and visit you!!!
    Happy week, xxx Ale
    P.S.: you are spoiling me, with all this links to my blog!!! You are a really kind person Beck!!! Thank you so much!!! xxx

  2. Hi Beck,

    Sorry, I missed your daughter's birthday. Convey my wishes to her. She looks very happy! :)

    Good to know that you had a great time:)

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl. xoxoxo

  4. Looks like your daughter had a great birthday. Love the crochet heart bunting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Hi Beck. Love the little heart bunting - it's very cute. Your daughter's birthday cake looks delicious - the sparklers are a great idea. Little Foxy looks adorable in her new hat. :)

  6. What delightful pictures...thank you for sharing! And I have to say this, I was shocked when you said you are soon retiring and your daughter is now 18. The reason I was shocked is because from your pictures you look like you're 28 years old! So I was thinking your daughter must be like 7 years old :) Anyway, thanks again for sharing this. I always enjoy coming to your blog, sweet friend.


  7. Too cute! Have a great time:)

  8. Love the pictures from you daughters birthday :) its great that you will have so much time with your family after November xx

  9. Looks like you ladies had a great time:) i love how the way you did your make up

  10. 18 - what a great age and it looks like she had a wonderful birthday! I love the decorations. And that cake... WOW. Foxy's hat is great. I don't think any of mine would kept it on long enough for photos.