July 19, 2012

Nail Art Dissappointment..:((

Hi my dear friends
first of all I must thank all of you for your very sweetheart comments. I am really very happy.. And also my mother and daughter are happy and they are always saying Hi, and Thank you to all of you..
Yesterday I tried to make nail art for my small nails. Sometimes I visit very beautiful blogs and I see very beautiful nails and nail art..
Here are my nail art project and dissppointment...:((

I was very happy at the beginning..:))

But somethings were chanced slowly and slowly..:))

Well my right hand nails were terrible, but maybe I should make my left hand nails very well..:!! Why Not..??

Here is the result..:))

Finally I could not make it.. and I cleaned all my nails..:)) Bad Work..:))



  1. so sorry, but don't give up!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. Don't give up! I went to 4 1/2 months of nail tech school so I had 4 1/2 months to practice. I'm still practicing. I always think I could be doing better. Start with using your stripers to make stripes. That's what I did here.


  3. Don't give up...first time was practice...keep trying!!

  4. Not so bad! Keep trying! Hugs from Greece! "Marie"