July 12, 2012

Crochet Vintage Hair Snood...

Hi my dear friends,
This is a very hot day again here. I am at work now.. Last night I have finished my crochet hair snood.. I saw the hair snood from my dear blogging friend Rachel.. I like her hair snood so much and I made one for myself.. (Jealous me..!)

This is the size of crochet Hair snood. I put perfume and sunglasses to show the size of the snood...

And Step by step...

First of all, I made a classic crochet circle. And at the first row, I made stitches and chains randomly. This circle was crocheted randomly by making stitches chains and bridges. ( I hope you understand by looking the pictures. I tried to take closer photos for your understanding well..)

It is so hard to take a photo of myself... Excuse me for terrible photos...:))

These photos are from last night, When I have finished the snood I tried to take quick photos of myself..

And these photos are taken just now at my office by me of course.. :))

Well Today is my Brother's birthday..::))
Happy birthday dear brother... Now all my family is in Konya. Only I am here at work. They will be celebrating his birthday this night with all together.. But I will be here at work again... This is my whole life you see...
Happiness?? I don't think so...!!!

WEll Let me say, I Hate Pathology....!!!!


  1. I enjoyed looking at your pictures, the hair snood is great. I can imagine when you make a little snood, its nice to put it on a on top of a hair bun. And please send me some of your sun because it is only 18 degrees overhere :( byebye

  2. Your creations are fantastic! I love your hair snood and yesterday's frame!
    Way to go!

  3. Great snood! I hope he has a very happy birthday! I hope your schedule changes and you won't have to work so you can be happy with your family!

  4. the snood is lovely it looks great on you i wish i could crochet like you and make my own xx

  5. Hi Beck!!Your photos are so nice and the hair snood is so beautiful!!Very good work!!
    The day is so hot here in Greece that we can't even breath!!!We have 40 degrees and you know what does that mean,we cant't go nowhere!!!But that's Summer!!