July 15, 2012

Crochet blanket is growing slowly...

Hi all my dear friends, This is a very happy Sunday. Happy for me as I am near my family.. I want to show the crochet blanket of my mother.. She is making a small crochet blanket. Here is the photos of blanket..

And here some quick photos they are our lovelies...

All sunlight is on foxy fox.. She likes sunlight...:)))

Our cat Mestan likes to take a bath in these very hot days...:))

My daughter have taken these photos with my sewing machine... Did you see cat Mestan? He is sleeping near my foot under the table....:))  And I am really very sorry for my terrible view and terrible hair.. :))

In this afternoon, I and my daughter will go to a big mall. We are planning to go to movie of Ice Age: Continental Drift 
I wish all of you very happy Sunday with your family and friends and all your loves....



  1. Nice blanket! I love the colors!
    Enjoy your Sunday and have fun at the movies! ;)

    1. Hi dear my friend,
      Thank you very much..:))
      All best wishes to you and your very sweet family..:))

  2. your cat is fantastic in the sink!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. The blanket is lovely, I hope you and your daughter enjoy the movie

  4. Nice crochet stich, have fun with Iceage, I love these kind of movies:)

  5. You look nice - and you look happy. Have a great time at the movies. :)

  6. Ouu! That blanket is going to be so pretty. And you look so happy and pretty at your sewing machine with your family. Have a fun day.

  7. what a lovely blanket. I love the colors. I am a big fan of colors. I love your home, your just lik eme i sew right on my dining table. Have fun at the movies:)

  8. Thank you very much all my dear friends..:)) you are so kind..:))
    I wish all of you a happy new week...