June 17, 2012

Yes.. She did it.. Granny crochet blanket...

Hi my dear friends,

This is a very sunny sunday. The weather is so hot. We are all at home. My brother came here to visit my mother for this weekend. So we are all together again..
Today is Father's Day.. My father died at 1999. No matter.. My brother is here and our very amall family are together..
Happy Father's Day to all my blogging friends..
I want to show granny crochet blanket.. No no I didn't make, My mother made it for my daughter's bed.. I think this is a Taa-Daah moment but not for me.. For my mother...:)))

This is my daughter's bedroom.. And her bed with her new crochet blanket..:))

Actually this room was my bedroom for years and years. When I was married, of course I had to go another home with my ex husband.. But after I divorced, I returned near my family with my daughter. And this home is again my home.. But some differences. Now my daughter is teenager and this bedroom is her room of course... I have so good memories in this room because all my childhood and teenage times passed in this room. Collage years, university years all passed here.. Good memories were finished with my marriage..:))

Ok no problem...
Here are some photos of the blanket...

And a quick photo just now..
My daughter made turkish coffee to all of us. I will drink my coffee now..
This is a turkish version of coffee. The cups of this kind of coffee are so small. And first you must drink a small glass of water very quickly, then you must drink your coffee..
This is a kind of strange tradition.. It is believed that you enjoy your coffee much more If you drink water first..

When you finished your coffee you must turn down your coffee cup and you must wait for a few minutes..

And finally after a few minutes later, You must turn up your coffee cup again.. And... Now..
I am a Fortune Teller...:)))
I will say your future by looking at the images in your coffee cup...
Yes that is strange but true...
This is a tradition in Turkey.. Of course everybody can't tell the fortune..
And I must say I never believe this...
God knows only...
But this is a tradition...

Look at Goldie, She is so curious about my fortune.. She will learn this and she will tell our fortune by looking at our coffee cups in a very short time..:)))

( I am not going to tell what I have seen in my coffee cup about my future...:))

Happy Sunny Sundays....


  1. Oh Beck....the quilt is just beautiful!!!! Your mother did such a wonderful job!! And your jar covers in your last post are so great....I think I am going to do some of those....
    I have always wanted to try Turkish coffee...but I never new about the fortune!!!!! That is so interesting!!! The cups themselves are so so beautiful....so lucky to have such a nice daughter.....the best day to you all!!

  2. wow... your mother did a great job for you and your daugther :) I love the colours. Happy sunday! ps. I like your coffee cup:))))

  3. oh my i love the colors of that blanket, your mother did a good job.


  4. The quilt is lovely! We have a tradition in Scotland of telling someone's future by reading tea leaves, but I've never heard of the coffee version. Interesting tradition.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. The blanket is lovely tell your mother she has done a very good job. I love Turkish coffee, I lived in Syria for 19 years and it was part of out daily lives, my mother in law was fond of telling our fortunes from the coffee cups, I don't think it ever came true though ha ha :)

  6. Hi Beck - your mother crochets beautifully. I love the colors of the blanket. Your daughter is very lucky to have you and your Mom crochet for her. Have a good day. :)

  7. Hello lovely, The blanket is just wonderful. The colours go very well with your daughters bed.

    Your coffee cup looks very interesting. I see a lady wearing a Hijab on one side and a child with crossed arms on the other. In the centre there is what looks like a moon and stars but I can also see the yin/yang symbol in that picture. Very interesting indeed. A little conflict with young and old perhaps but everything is always balanced in the end. The child is very strong willed and stubborn.

    Well thats what I see anyway. I don't normally read coffee cups at all. Although I have been known to drink some Turkish coffee on occasion. :-)

  8. Hello Beck....Loved your post today. What a beautiful crocheted cover made by your mother! Very interesting Turkish traditon...is the coffee very strong? Do you grind your coffee beans?

  9. Hello lovely Beck, the blanket is gorgeous, your mother did an amazing job. I like the picture of John Lennonxxx

  10. Oooh, such a pretty blanket! I love the colors. Your mom did a great job. She's such a beautiful lady, just like you :-) I can understand why you drink water first; it cleans your palette so you can enjoy the rich taste of the coffee better. I've done the fortune telling in the cup with tea leaves, but never coffee.

  11. Dear my friends,
    Thank you very much for your sweet comments. I translated your comments to my mom now. You must see her. She is very happy to hear good words from you. And she is so surprised that you all like the blanket. Now she is near me and she is asking what did your friends say for the blanket..:))
    Thank you so much again and again..
    Dear Linda, The city in which I work is the border with Syria, The city is Antakya (Hatay- Antioch) maybe you heard when you were living in Syria. But the city which my family lives is so far from Antakya, Our city name is Konya near to capital city Ankara..
    It is so interesting, I heard it now. Looking at tea leaves and telling the fortune. That is a very good idea. I will try this method.
    Dear Karisma, You tell so nice.. If you were here in Turkiye, Believe me that all your friends want you to tell their fortune by looking at the coffee cup all time..:))
    In Turkiye, our people like to hear some good things about their fortune so much.. Expecially young girls want to hear some handsome and rich man who wants to marry with them..:))
    This kind of coffee is so strong. Coffee beans are grinded at the stores or we can grind the beans if we have that grind tool at our home. We have not so we buy the coffee grinded. The taste is strong because of that reason the coffee cups are very small..
    And John Lennon... All the Time..:))
    I and my mother really want to see all of you in Turkiye. We will be very happy to see you in Turkiye. Our home is so suitable you stay here.. I am saying this with my heart you know. Whenever you want.. I will be retired this november so I will return near my family.. I will have so much free time. We like guests so much. Whenever you want to come to Turkiye dear my friends..
    All best wishes from my mother, my daughter and I...:))

  12. i love the blanket is really cute i like how it has stayed in the family :) I'm not a coffee drink i much prefer tea but i like your tradition. I hope your daughter finds some nice clothes on the websites i recommended xx

  13. Hi Beck! What an amazing grannie blanket! Tell your mom she did such a beautiful job! Love your new header! So sweet! xo Heather

  14. hola! que maravilla de manta,,felicita a tu madre es una auntentica maravilla! en la habitacion de tu hija queda fantastica.La tradicion de la taza de cafe..me a echo mucha gracia,,aqui en España ahy algo parecido...pero con los posos del cafe,,UN BESO GUAPA!