June 10, 2012

My vintage bag and crochet camera case...

Hi my dear Friends,
I am very hardworking in these days. I couldn't make anything as my left hand was burned. But I feel better now and I want to finish my projects..
But first, I want to show you my vintage bag with purse bag. This is new but It seems vintage just like 60's hand bag.. I bought it last week. I like it so much. Actually I wear a jean and t-shirt all the time. But this bag was calling me from the store. I heard the bag's voice, I run immediatelly and I bought it..

And here is my crochet phone cover. I must thank to Isabelhttp://coloresyganchos.blogspot.com/ that I saw a crochet phone case on Isabel's very nice blog and It was so cute. So I made a crochet camera case for my camera. I think ıt is pretty..

Now I think I will make a crochet phone case.. This is a very enjoyable work.. And it may be a good gift for our friends..
Happy and sunny weekend to all my friends...


  1. Love the bags - very nice. I also love your camera bag - pretty colors. :)

  2. What a pretty floral bag! A very good choice. Jx

  3. Love the stuff you brought. I love your camera case its stylish and the colors is very out there love it!!!!

  4. the floral bag......wow, love the color combination, byebye

  5. Hello Beck....I love the new look of your blog! I'm glad your fingers are doing better.....

  6. Lovin' the floral bag!! So pretty! And you phone case is adorable! Glad you are doing better! xo Heather

  7. Such a pretty purse! I hear purses call me all the time in stores.
    And I love the phone case colors!

  8. Hi Beck!!
    Very beautiful bags the floral is so cute!!I love the small crochet bag for your camera nice colours!!Very good job!!Kisses and hugs!!
    Have a nice and creative week!!

  9. Beautiful bag and camera case. These make wonderful gifts. I have made them as gifts in the past and they were very well received. I love the little flower decoration, it is very sweet. :-) Glad you are feeling better lovely. Hugs xox

  10. I should make a camera case too. Great idea!
    Love the flowers on your new header picture :)

  11. I just read that you are from Tyrkia :-)
    very lovely contry :-)
    I am from Norway , but my brothers wife is from Tyrkia :-)

  12. Your blog is sooo pretty!! I love the vintage bags!!! The camera case is very cute!


  13. i love the floral bag its very cute tank you so much for the lovely comment you let on my blog :) I'm following your blog now too enjoy your weekend xx