June 6, 2012


Hi dear friends,
Thanks a lot all of you that you all said good wishes for my burned knee and my left hand. The pain is not so much now but I can't use my left hand very well.. And the worst thing for me is.. No CROCHET.. This is terrible.. Because I really like crocheting you know and every day I saw new things from your blogs. I want to make them but I must postpone....
Ok as I Can't make crochet or knitting, I can make some funny things with my computer..
Here they are..
These pictures will be small gifts for my brother... Yes this is a very clever idea..  He had moved a new house. So these pictures will be wall pictures (tableau) for his new house. I will make photoframes for them and I will give him as a gift... ( I am just like a fox..:) Bad me.....!)..

My brother with cat mestan...

Yes that is right.. Austin Powers is just my brother...

Baroque brother with cat mestan....

Do you know him??

I and my brother....

Mestan is every where with his strange hats... 

And finally I am with cat mestan..

Do you think that my brother likes his new style..))


  1. The pictures of your brother look great (and a little funny) - I am sure he will love them. Take care of yourself. :)

  2. I am so sorry about your burn. I pray it heas quickly. A girls gotta crochet, huh? These fun pictures are great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Beck!! What are you doing? Recovery from burning? I hope you're well now! I love the new background of your blog with flowers! This is very romantic and bright! The pictures of your brother are very funny ! kisses and have a nice day!

  4. Hi Beck, I hope you are better soon and can get back to your crochet. I love the pictures, they are funny xxx