April 9, 2012

Sweater and Hoodie for a baby boy..

Hi Dear friends,
I came back again. My family is so good and healthy and I am happy for that reason.
When I went near my family, My mother was knitting a sweater for one of her friend's baby. His wife is pregnant and they will have a baby boy 1 month later so my mother was in a hurry to make some more things for new baby.
She took the sample sweater from one of my mother's best friends. Her friend's name is Lale and she is a teacher like my mother. But Mrs Lale is an English teacher and also she was my English teacher..:). Dear my teacher Mrs Lale wanted my blog address from my mother. And now you think.. When she saw and read my blog what will she think about my English??.. No no She is the proffessior of English but I forgot English language after collage. This is my fault I know.. Just now I must Thank to her that she is a great teacher and a very good woman that I have ever seen.. I ll be more careful from now then..
Now here is My English teacher Mrs Lale' s sweater which she had made for new baby boy..

Very cute.. Isn't it??

My mother took this sweater to knit a sweater like this. And here is my mother's sweater for new baby boy..

The same sweater but different colors...
And then my mother knitted a hoodie for baby with the same yarn.. and here It is..

This is the yartn of sweater and hoodie.

And then she bought two more different colors of the same yarn to knit new sweaters to give a gift for her friends.

Ohh look at the colors.. how lovely they are..
These were my mother's knits. She likes to knit very much. But I like crochet much more....
Happy Spring Days....


  1. Your Mom knits beautifully - both baby sweaters are very nice. Don't worry about your written English - you do just fine. Have a great day. :)

  2. Oh Beck...the sweaters are so beautiful. So now that your English teacher is reading your blog, I also need to be more care of my writing. Laughing.......

  3. Dear Debi and Dear Meggie,
    You are very kind friends thank you very much. I know I make so much mistakes when I was writing or speaking. But believe me that, When I was 18 years old, I really wanted to be an english teacher. My father wanted me to become a veterinarian. I know It was a big mistake for my life. I like animals so much you know. But now I know that a person comes to this life only one time. For this reason she must decide what she wants to be for her own life..
    Well I said this but I don't behave like this. Now I want my daughter to become an english teacher... No way out..:))

  4. Oh Beck....these are beautiful!!!! I think the little sweater could be crocheted too!! I think I am going to try to make a pattern...we have a new baby girl in our world....and I think this would be so sweet!! I wish you wouldn't worry about your English..I think it is wonderful....I speak some French as well as English and I wish my french was as a good as your English!!!

  5. Your mom can knit! I love the whole baby set and the yarn she choose for it is excellent. It is so nice in colour and effect. I especially love how the stripes fall on the hoodie. What a beautiful gift she made.

  6. Welcome back! I'm glad that you had a good weekend with your family. Your Mum knits beautifully. The wool creates really effective patterns. Jx

  7. Love the yarn and the little hoodie! Beautiful.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Now we know from whom you got your talent! Lovely sweaters! And your English is great! As an American who only speaks one language and speaks it badly, I am in awe of people who speak more than one language.