April 3, 2012

My rag crochet pillow..

Hi dear my friends,
   As I told before, I like pillows very much. And I like crochet pillows very very much. I saw a rag crochet pillow on Dear my friend Debi's blog. I like it so much. I had some yarn at home. So I began to make it. There was a problem I had not got any eyelash yarn but yesterday after work, I found eyelash yarn in a very small yarn shop in this city. This city Antakya is a very small city that we can't find so many things here. But I was lucky yesterday.
   So I made the squares last night. And I hope I ll join the squares with eyelash yarn in this evening after work.
Here is my last project and Thank you very much dear Debi..

The squares with different colors

I bought 4 different colors of eyelash yarn.

I think I ll use purple color for joining the squares
    I must finish the pillow today or tomorrow. Because You know my family will come to this city at this weekend. And I ll give this pillow to my mother as a gift....
   And Best happy days to all my friends....


  1. Nice colors - your mom is going to love it!

  2. Dear my friend Heather,
    Thank you very much. I wish she likes her pillow. Everthing is for my mom. She is 76 years old with some illnesses. She must be happy in these days I think. Thank you very much and best days forever..

  3. I love the colors Beck - they're very bright and cheery. I'm sure your Mom is going to love her pillow. :)

  4. Dear my friend Debi,
    These are all your ideas. I am only trying to make. But a few minutes ago I looked your ragg crochet pillow again. yours is more beautiful than my pillow. You are so proffessional. Thank you for good wishes very much...

  5. I think the purple will go very nicely with the colours you have chosen. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished object.
    xXx Helen

  6. Hi Beck...it is 3am here in Texas and I should be asleep. But, I woke up in the night and found that you have just left a comment on my blog. I hope you have been able to finish the new pillow for your Mom. The yarn looks very interesting.