December 14, 2011

An old photo with a snowman..

Hi Dear friends,
Last night I finished my crochet snowman ornament. It was easy to make this. So I decided to make one or two more.
When I decided to take its photo I choosed somewhere on the table near an old photo. That photo is my mother. But it had been taken maybe 40 years before. Everyhing is chanced now. Sometimes My mother looks this photo and says ' I was beautiful.'
Snowman with my mother...

She is always beautiful for me because she is my MOM..


  1. Very sweet...and I love your snowman's carrot nose!

  2. So thank you dear Kristen. Its nose is so big. It looks like my nose..:))
    So thank you for your comment. Best wishes..

  3. I love the snowman! I would love to know how to make one.

  4. Dear Amy,
    So thank you for your comment to my snowman. Really I am very happy when I heard good comments to you. I ll make one or two more to give gifts to my family and friends for christmas. I really want to describe you how I did it. My english is so poor to tell this. But I ll learn to tell how I did this and tell you today in the afternoon.
    Best wishes..