December 20, 2011

Just Married..

My snowman was felling so lonely himself. I understand. Then I made a crochet bridge for him. This is a very pretty snowlady. Now I am thinking about her name. I could not find any name for her yet.
But now My snowman is so happy with his wife. Look at them. Nice couple..

Ooo look at her earrings. They are a gift from her husband..

Family photo..


  1. Congrats to the lovely couple. Is there a little baby in the works? :)

  2. Dear Debi, You are right, It s time to make a little baby.:) The new couple is very hasty for a baby. I think baby is coming very soon..))

  3. Sweet snow couple! You have such a nice blog, I love my animals as you do. Thank you for your nice comments, I will check back to see your Christmas placemat!

  4. Dear sunflower I am very happy for your visiting my blog. Really I am happy. Last night I finished my placemat. I ll share it today. But Your crochets are wonderful. Really I am trying to make like your motifs. Thank you very much. And all best wishes..