November 17, 2012

Today- My Mother's Brithday..:))

Today is my mother's birthday..
Buy I am not near my mother and also my family..
I have called her to celebrate her birthday.. My daughter and my mother has gone a restaurant to eat a very nice dinner then They will celebrate my mother's birthday at home with a birthday cake..
So I went a bakery and I bought a birthday cake for my mother..:))
But I am so far from them..
I am celebrating my mother's birthday by myself...:))

Well this is my birthday cake. You know I was lonely at my own birthday so It was just now to celebrate my birthday with a marshmallow and only one candle for my new age..:))

Happy birthday to me...:))

And I have bought A  big birthday cake for my mother.. Yes that is for my sweet mother and I am celebrating her birthday with again myself....:)
This is for her 75 years old.. New and new years and more and more new years please together.....
Happy Birthday Peri....
(Her name is Peri..:))

Here I am with the birthday candles...  I am alone as always... Just strange.. But That is my life...:))


  1. You have bought her a beautiful cake! I hope that she loves all the pictures. Jx

    1. Dear Jan, You are very kind. Ohh it is so hard to be far from my mother on her birthday. I hope She understans me...
      Thank you so so much.. Good friend...:))

  2. Happy birthday to your mother and try not to be sad! :)

  3. I wish your mother a very happy birthday!:) dont feel sad for being alone. If you feel happy, your mother too will be happy no matter how far you are:) so enjoy your cake ! What crochet item did you make for your mother's Bday gift ?

  4. Happy birthday to your mum! What a lovely cake. Enjoy Enjoy! Big hugs xoxox

  5. Give a big kiss to your mother for me !

  6. What a great idea! I love that you are celebrating with her even though you aren't there in person. I hope she has a very happy day!

  7. Such a pretty cake Beck. Happy birthday to your sweet Mother!

  8. Yummy cake and best wishes to your mom on her birthday!

  9. have lots of friends out here!!!!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother!!!! She is lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!! What a beautiful cake...hummmmm..I may have to bake today!!! Happy day to you..xx

  10. aww that is so sweet Beck. Sorry your all alone. I was alone on my birthday it was last week Sunday.

  11. All my dear friends, All of you are so sweet and so kind.. TGhank you so so much...:))
    I am really very happy to have friends like you..:))

  12. Oh, my dear!, Happy birthday for you and happy birthday for your mom. I want you and your mother will be together, again
    Kisses for you

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