January 31, 2013

Crochet Bag for my slippers...

Hi my all dear friends,
Thank you for all your sweet comments.. You are all welcome..:))
Thank you very much..:))

In these days I can find and free time very hard as we must go some another cities for some works. So I have returned yesterday and I found a few free time to make this crochet bag..
Here it is...

All best wishes....


  1. It looks very pretty Beck - I like the ruffley ribbon. :)

  2. Nice bag Beck! You added a frill too which I generally never saw in drawstring bags. It's looking pretty with the frill:)

  3. emekli olduktan sonra daha çok vakit ayıracağını söylemiştin:) çanta çok cici.kurdele ayrıntısı da çok yakışmış ve de renkler.ellerine sağlık.aydınlık kocaman güzel bir gün diliyorum.sevgiler.

  4. Very pretty! I love the colors.
    Blessings :-)

  5. Brilliant idea for carrying travel slippers. Lovely and colourful too.
    Who is that pussy cat having a sniff at your bag. Does he approve?

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. Hi Beck. I haven't seen you in a while - just checking in to see if you're doing ok. :)

  7. The bag is very pretty...i know what you mean about free time it is so hard to find any to start and finish a project in one sitting. I love all your creations! :-)

  8. Hello Beck....I'm wondering how are you doing and where are you....