November 26, 2012

Hello and 2 Crochet Winter Scarves again...

Hi all my dear friends, First of all I have not got to find any free time for my blog.. You may know that I am so so busy at the work. And I am trying to get retired at the end of this month.
After all I have decided to go another university again as I don't like to sit down after retired. So I Am History University student now..:))). This is just strange because I will go my second university and I am 44 years old..:))
But all of you know that I like all history. World history so This will be too hard for me but I will try to educate..
And so strange you know I am associated proffessor at the university and now I am a student at the university together..:))
Well I will see what I could do in the future..
And here are 2 new crochet scarves:)

Well I had made both of them for christmas and also new year. I made little crochet purses you see and I attached the purses on one edge of the scarves..
I think They can be more useful for travelling..:)))
So best wishes
Big ((Huges))...


  1. They're both lovely scarves Beck - I really like the idea of adding little purses to them.

    Good luck with your studies. :)

  2. I wish you luck with all your projects
    Your scavers are so beautiful. I love your idea of the little purses. You are so creative!
    Kisses por you...

  3. The purse attached to the scarf is a wonderful idea. All the very best for your World History class :)

  4. Wow... again a student! Go for it, girlpower:)) By the way, nice scarves, but do you need those where you live? byebye

  5. Congratulations on going back to university! I never went to university, just started work as soon as I finished high school. The thought of more study then was too awful to contemplate! But now that I am older I think I would like to study the history of the English language. As far as I could tell that would require studying history, English, and probably Latin, Greek, French, German and probably more and at this point the only language I do know is English. And with 3 children under 4 it isn't going to happen any time soon!
    So well done, and enjoy yourself this time around, this time it is just for you.
    xXx Helen

  6. I love your scarves your very talented xx

  7. öncelikle ikinci üniversite için tebrik ediyorum bravo!
    tığ işleri her zamanki gibi çok şık ve güzel olmuşlar.renklerine bayıldım.ellerinize sağlık ve başarılar size..

    1. Çook çook teşekkürler Sevgili Alanay Hanım, Vallahi çok çok naziksiniz. Çok sağolun ama tarih ders kitaplarını görünce aklım uçtu gitti..:))
      O kadar zormuş. Ben de diyorum ki havada karada yaparım. Yok vallahi bir yaştan sonra bakalım nasıl olacak çok korkuyorum..:))
      Çok selam ve sevgilerimle...:))

  8. Beautiful. I especially love the pink and white one. :-) I think we are students for our whole lives. You can never learn too much. Have fun! I love history too.