August 21, 2012

Taa-Daah Granny Square Shawl...:))

Hi all my dear friends,
Finally I have finished granny square shawl of my mother..:))

And I saw a very beautiful

Granny Stripe Boutique Bag on dear friend SnuggleBunnie blog  

I have made the bag but It is not finished yet. I will make a crochet flower and also I will sew fabric into the bag..,

And some photos of our family together. Yesterday all of us went outside to have fresh air and fun together..
My family together...

I wish all of you very sunny and happy days...:))


  1. Love the shawl :) your family pictures are lovely enjoy your week xx

    1. Dear Rachel, Thank you very much. My brother is here for 4 days so we have happy time together but He will return back soon..:((
      Thank you so much and all best wishes and all happy days..:))

  2. Hi Beck. You have a lovely family - looks like ya'll are having a fun time. The granny shawl you made for your Mom looks very pretty. I bet she loves it. :)

    1. Thank you dear friend Debi, Yes yes she liked her shawl so much.. I like crochet so much like you.. You always make so pretty things..:))
      Best best wishes...

  3. I love your shawl, beautiful colours! Your mother must be very happy about it!
    You have a wonderful family, it´s nice to see all the pictures!
    Have a happy day! xxxBarbina

  4. The shawl is gorgeous! I love the colors! The bag is pretty, too. I love looking at your projects on your blog. You inspire me!