August 22, 2012

Crochet Mandala- Evil Eye..

Hi my dear friends,
Ohh yes I am crocheting every day with happiness..:)) I like crochet so so much I know..:))
I have made Crochet Mandala- Evil eye for me, my brother and my mother...
One mandala for my brother's car,
One for my car..
And one for my mother's kitchen...

Happy Crochet Days....:))



  1. They're very nice Beck - I like the bead eyes on them. :)

  2. very nice work! i envy you because you can crochet everyday... since moving here everyday is a busy day, it's been awhile since i crocheted something. enjoy crocheting beck:)


  3. I used to have these eye necklaces I wore in grade school. I was obsessed with them. These mandalas remind me of that.

  4. Wow, Beck! are so clever with your crocheting ideas....

  5. What does the evil eye represent? My daughter goes to a charter school run by Turkish people. She will learn some Turkish next year.

    1. Hi my dear friend, Thank you for your sweet comment. You are right. somebody does not know the meaning of evil eye.. I really want to explain it. This is a superstition. I wish I wrote right. If there is an evil eye bead on any where, nobody makes him or her bad things. Evil eye keep him or her safe..:)9 This is not true of course.. Some kind of old belief.. But this is so popular in Turkey. In Turkey people not believe the power of evil eye but just like an old habit..
      Dear my friend If you don't understand my terrible english you may tell me again and I will try to tell it again of course..
      Thank you all your interest.. I wish you best days..:))

  6. Thank you dear my friends. You are all welcome. evil eye fashion is very popular in Turkey.. But evil eye is an old belief you know. It keeps safe the owner from every bad thing for example accidents or bad people bad behaviours etc.. But this is only an old belief and of course not true in these days..
    Thank you for your all comments and all best wishes..:))

  7. We have the evil eye superstition in Greece and I love what you made for your family. I have a small evil eye in the car but I really love your idea of combining it with crochet. Great job Beck! :)

  8. Haha! Your evil eyes are so cute !!! I love the bead eyes so much!!!
    Love the granny shawl for your mom too, you did great work!
    Best wishes to you.
    Hugs, LS

  9. I like your evil-eye mandala. Great idea!

  10. Nope, I understood your English perfectly. You so so well!!