July 8, 2012

Crochet HOBO Bag... What's in my HOBO bag..??

Hi my dear friends,
Finally I have finished my crochet HOBO bag.. It is not so hard to make this bag but I finished some other projects before finishing this bag..
Today is weekend, and tomorrow I have to go work.. I have arranged my HOBO bag, as I will use it for work tomorrow...

What's in my HOBO Bag..??

1. Bandana-scarf 
2. Sunglasses. This is vintage . It looks like 1960’s sunglasses
3. Avon Eau de cologne
4. Blue shell stickers for notes
5. My old photo camera..
6. Pen
7. My blue purse bag from Benetton
8. My old mobile phone..:))
9. My reading glasses. Yes they are old too.:))
10. Small notebook.
11. Flash memory
12. Lip stick
13. Black rimel Eye-lash
14. Vintage pocket mirror.The Picture on the back surface of the mirror is a turkish queen.
15. And.. Finally My HOBO bag.. Yes I like it..:))

I wish you all have happy weekend.. :))

Ohhh Noo... I forgot to put my office keys in my HOBO bag.. :))



  1. As a bag addict :)))) I have to say: This is a lovely bag, yessssss, put it on your shoulder and go!I love the colours you have used, it is a real vintage Becky bag. byebye

  2. Your hobo bag came out so pretty Beck - the little flower is the perfect accent. Hope you have a good, relaxing day today. :)

  3. I love your hobo bag, dear Beck. And don't forget your keys! Lots of love xxx

  4. Thank you very much dear my friends.. Yes I just put my keys in the bag..:))
    Otherwise I would go to work happyly with my new bag but.. I could not enter my office.. All happiness fall down..:))
    Thank you very much and all best wishes...:))

  5. i love it :) its nice to see what you carry in your bag too xx

  6. GREAT bag Beck, very colorful and summery. I like that little pocket mirror too!

  7. Hi Beck, I nominated you for a little something..go and have a look xx


  8. Hi! Thanks for following my blog and congratulations on your nomination for the Liebster award by Emma!
    See you around! ;)

  9. Love your sweet bag! So bright and cheery!!! Happy new week to you! xo heather

  10. :)) Very nice bag. I am always curious, what the others carrying around in their bags? So, thank you for sharing the content! And the keys? Maybe you could enter the office via-window then? :D

  11. Hello! I'm sorry it took me a while to check out your blog, I've been very busy. I've always been curious to see what you carry in your bag. How will you be able to get in your office, then? Your hobo bag is so cute. Best love and regards to you and your loved ones. :)