July 7, 2012

Crochet flower tutorial...

Happy happy weekend My dear Friends..
The weather is so so hot here.. I may say It is 40 Celcius. It means I think 120 F.
My dear blogging friend


 asked me the pattern of the bookmarks flowers. Now  I try to explain it for all of you If I can..:))
Here are step by step photos..
And as always  SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH.....:))

And step by step...

I wish I may help you with my Poor English..:))
If I have some mistakes you may correct me. I am grateful all of you.. :))
Happy, Sunny Weekend...:))



  1. You are doing fine. I understand fine. Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this for me. I really appreciate it. I will send you the link to the sunburst so you can try it.

  2. Dear my friend, Thank you very much. It is my happy time to make somethings for my friends. Really I tell this in my deep heart. I am curiously waiting The pattern of your sunburst.. Thank you very much..
    Happy weekend for you and your family..:))

    1. I sent it through email hun. Let me know if you recieved it okay:) I will be away camping but I will have my cell with me im hoping to be able to login and see you often:)

    2. Thank you very much dear my friend. I wish you have very happy time.. :)) I want holiday too:=)) Maybe tomorrow I try to make your beautiful pattern and show you..
      Thank you very much.:)) Blessings..:))

  3. Thank you for the tutorial. The little flowers and bookmarks are just adorable! I think I will make some for gifts. Also, your new banner and wallpaper is beautiful.

  4. This is a great tutorial! Very good pictures, also. I can make these pretty flowers now. Thank you so much!!!
    God bless you, friend,

  5. Lovely new look for your blog, Beck. Thank you for the tutorial, I understood perfectly. Lots of love, dear Beck xxx

  6. It's a great tutorial Becks, very well done! Love the change of your blog. Have a lovely weekend! Karen.

  7. hola! lo has explicado de maravilla! y esta flor es preciosa,te copio la idea y voy hacer unos marcadores asi,,ya te los enseñare,,gracias ! un beso de tu amiga desde España!

  8. These are lovely! I am going to try to make some. Thank you for for sharing with us!

  9. Fabulous, you make them look easy to make and I shall definitely be having a go

    X x

  10. Molly always seems to make an appearance where you least expect her, i never see her coming.....i love your blog i shall stop by often.
    Pixie x