May 1, 2012

Crochet Baskets again.. And New Design of my Desk..

Hi dear my friends,
Today is May 1st, International Workers' Day, The Real Labor Day. So today is holiday for everyone and there is no work for me. I am at home now. It's 8:50 am. Still this time I didn't smoke any cigarettes... Ohh hard war days..... Lets wait and see....
Dear My Friends, I have a very pretty blogging friend, Her name is Anna, and She has a very beautiful blog. Fantasia y Labores Anna
I advise all of you to visit this beautiful blog.. Dear Anna likes crochet like all of my blogging friends and also I, And she is so good in crocheting..
I saw this idea from Anna's blog. She also likes to make crochet baskets. If you visit here, You ll see what beautiful crochet baskets, And also Lamps and photo frames dear Anna made...
 I made 1 crochet basket cover and 1 marmalade jar cover last night again. I like this work Ithink..:)) And this morning, I arranged my desk at my bedroom. Of course I am a big thief I saw this idea from Anna's blog again, and I stole in that time...)))
No No, You know me very well.. Please be sure that, I am very carefully follow all my friends' blogs and I try to learn new ideas or new techniques.. And also I like all of your blogs really much and follow all my friends' blogs very closely..
Here are my new crochet baskets and new design of my desk...

Yes, This is holiday and I have free time. I planned to make more and more new crochet baskets.... :))) No no, This is only a joke... Believe me...



  1. I love all the bright, colourful things on your desk!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Dear my friend Liz,
    Thank you very much. Believe me that I am following your very nice blog so closer. And I try to learn new ideas from you. I am very pleased to meet you.. Happy and sunny days...

  3. Hello Beck...I hope you have a peaceful holiday today. I love your basket and the "new" look to your blog. So country looking with the green rick rack edge and polka dots.

  4. Dear Meggie,
    Thank you very much for your good wishes. I wish all of you peaceful days forever. You are very polite I am very pleased. I like country style so much. Also I like green color so so much.. Green is freshness. Best wishes and hugs...

  5. Enjoy you holiday. Your desk looks really pretty. Jx

  6. Dear Jan, Thank you very much.. Good day for me. I am watching TV. And I am trying to forget smoking cigarettes.. Hard war...
    I wish you happy and sunny days...

  7. Everything looks very nice on your desk - a good place to sit and do your computer work. :)

  8. hola! gracias guapa!! te a quedado precioso y colorido,,,feliz dia del trabajo y espero que lo estes pasando bien,,y enhorabuena por otro dia mas sin fumar! besos!

  9. So beautiful and cheery!! Have a good holiday!! xo Heather

  10. Hi Beck! Your desk looks like a fun place to sit and work. Very colorful! Good luck quiting your cigarettes. You can do it!!!

  11. Love your baskets and the bright colors in your home office area! You CAN quit smoking! I know it's hard though - I've quit many times over the years :-) But I feel so much better since I quit this last time. (Although I was so mean the first week that I'm surprised I have any friends left!) You can do it!! Sending you strength and positive thoughts through the internet! xoxoxo