April 2, 2012

Sunny Sunday...

Dear my friends,
Last saturday I was so tired with houseworks. But Last sunday was so sunny for me. The weather was sunny. There was no housework to do. I made these pouchs for my needles and hooks. So easy to make. Do you remember the snake skin fabric which I had made a skirt for myself. I had some small parts of fabric after I had finished my skirt. They were so small so I could not make so big things from the fabric.  so As I always loose my needles and hooks, I sew two pouchs for them.
Here They are:

And finally I want to show you my ' haute couture creation !!' on Saturday morning before housework. Look at my terrible view with my pajamas and ugly hair....:))

But on sunday, I was relaxed with soft and sunny weather. I sit on the balcony of my bedroom. I began to make my ragg crochet pillow project.

My yarns basket with a baby blanket which was made by mother..

Two baby blankets with my yarns basket. My mother had made blankets.
And this is the view of my building's garden from my balcony. It is full with dusts and dirts with yellow spring flowers.

Busy Saturday and Sunny Sunday.... Now It is monday... I wish a good monday for all of us...
Best wishes...


  1. Ηi my friend Beck!!!Have a nice day and a nice month!!!Your creation is very clever!!!I need some pouchs too because i always loose my needles and hooks too like you,isn't it funny?
    This fabric is so beautiful i love it!!!!
    Kisses and hugs Sophie...

  2. Hi Dear Sophie, I am very pleased your visiting to my blog. But I must say that all your handmades are more different and harder then my works. Yours are so beautiful.. I like your blog and keep watching your blog. Thank you so much and all best wishes...

  3. Hi lovely Beck, so glad we have found each other and are friends. I love your blog and all your crochet, and your home looks so lovely and colourful. Lots of love xxx

  4. Hello Beck...there is nothing ugly about you...you look very relaxed, sitting on your balcony.

  5. Your balcony looks like a nice place to be - you look good sitting in your chair crocheting. :)

  6. Ha! I love the pigtails! Thank you for a peek into your lovely day.