April 1, 2012

Busy Saturday....

Dear my friends,
It is my pleasure that I met all of you my real good blogging friends. Friendship is just like this. Thank you very much.
Saturday I was so busy with cleaning. Sorry that I didn' read my book as I was so tired and slept so early. But good news.....!! My family will come here to this city maybe next week or the other week. I am so happy for this. They will stay here for one month. I must go to Konya city to bring my family maybe next week If I can take some free time from my faculty. So I must clean bedrooms and kitchen. I could not clean the dining room but I ll make it in this week because I have still some more time to clean and tidy of my house. I am living in a very old house. This house is not mine. I rent this house with its furnitures. This is a kind of hostel.  But very old and dirty appartment. No problem I have only 5 or 6 months in this city. Then I ll go to my city my home and my family..
Well After cleaning the house I made my crochet napkin box cover. Which I saw this one of my blogging friends blog. Jee Q. But my napkin box cover was a bit diffeent from her. I wanted to make a different motif not granny squares but another crochet squares. I don't know the motif's name. But I saw this squares in my dear friend Debi's blog.  She made  ragg crochet pillow. You know I am dying for crochet pillows. I like crochet pillows so so much. So I made her motifs for my crochet box cover. Now here it is....

Here is the napkin box.. Here are the squares..

I sewed red ribbon and a button on my crochet napkin box cover..

How tidy I am..

Little changes make me happy...

Now it is sunday... I began a new project.. Guess what.. Crochet ragg pillow of course:)) From Debi' s blog.. If I can find eyelash yarn I ll make crochet ragg pillow for my mother..
Thank you Debi, Thank you Jee Q and thank you all my blogging friends...


  1. Your napkin box cover came out very nice. Have a great day. :)

  2. Great job on the tissue box cover. I love your owlie on the wall!! That will be nice when you get to see your family again. Enjoy!

  3. Nice box cover! If you can't find the eyelash yarn, I have some I can send you. Just email me your address.

    I hope you have fun with your family. A whole month - how wonderful!

  4. Dear all my friends, Thank you very much your good comments on my blog. I am very pleased.

    Dear Heather, You are so so kind and a very good woman thank you very much that you want to send me the eyelash yarn. Thank you so much. I ll look for the eyelash yarn today after work. If I can't find I ll say to you that I ll pay the money and also the delivery cost for it. Also I want to send some my handmades to you. I am really very happy that I have very good blogging friends you are a very good woman. Thank you and all best wishes to you..